Comments to comments!!!

Ahhhhhhhh I finally figured out how to be able to reply to comments!!!!It ended up being that I had to have my comments “Embedded” instead of “Pop-up”. So simple…. haha. 
I hope everyone had a good week… I am so glad that it’s finally Friday! I feel like this week went on forever. 
FOR-E-VER !!! [said Sandlot-style]
Daddy P & I are going to have a night out tomorrow night. My Co-worker’s GF is having a birthday party and we are going to be going to that… house party/party bus/downtown/uptown/alloverthetown :)I’m excited. I’ve never been on a party bus before. I hear it has a pole. UH OH. LOL just kidding, sorta. I don’t wanna scare anyone… I am not a skank or anything, but I do like to have a good time!!!! 
What do I have to do to prepare for tomorrow???? Eat some hearty meals during the day… and do my nails, oh and find a cute top to wear with my newly hemmed pants. [I’m uber-short, so I need to have all of my pants hemmed!!! boo]
We are also having my wonderful Dad come and put some cans in our living room… and this is just the beginning of re-lighting our house, believe me. That house is so poorly lit [upstairs] that I am super duper excited for cans… and no, I never ever thought I would be so excited over such a thing. 
I dyed my hair this past Wednesday. I wanted to go for a new sort of thing, so I decided to try the ombré hair thing. I don’t even care if it’s a trend on the way out, I LOVE it. It’s a fun way to change things up and also nice because it’s low-maintenance, which is right up my alley. 🙂
Anyway, I wasn’t super thrilled with the outcome so now I am on the mission to make it better and more of what I wanted. Oh the joys of hair and all that comes with it and changing it. 
What are y’all doing this weekend???? The forecast here in MN looks sooooooooooo nice. I welcome it with a big warm hug. 🙂 Tomorrow is a high of 58°!!!!! I know for my lovely Texan bloggers, that’s nothin’… but here, this time of year… cause for celebration! :)Maybe we can hit up the park tomorrow… and you know what that means….PICS. ooooh I’m excited.
Have a good one!!!Photobucket


4 thoughts on “Comments to comments!!!

  1. Wait… commenting on comments? How? Embedded what? Please tell me how to set it up. I normally just comment back on the other person's latest blog entry if I want to comment back :)Also I have no idea what ombre is… please enlighten… Don't you know: Pics or it never happened! LOLI've been on a party bus… it's outta control. It may have been more fun if I was not married and was still in my early 20s (my first party bus experience was last October!). There were 3 different parties on there: my cousin's bachelorette party, another dude's bachelor party and a girl's 21st birthday. It was pretty much the dudes from the other party trying to talk to the gals from our party. And most of those guys were gross. LOL! Someone even broke out some pot and was almost kicked off. Oy… too much excitement for a gal who is past her party prime… haha. Hope you have a better experience! Have a great weekend!(Comment on this and tell me how you did it!)

  2. About commenting, just because I recently blogged about this, if you reply to a comment on here, the person will either have to come back here or "subscribe to comments" via email to see the response. Just FYI. I used Disqus and either reply via Twitter or email.Anyways, yay on party bus. Yay on nails. I love nail color! I should have my pants hemmed too but I'm too lazy.Wow, 56. That's higher than it is here. I'm excited to take more pix outside too! Can't wait to see yours!Have a great weekend!

  3. Hi!!!! Ok, so under settings>posts and comments>*here* is where you make sure the Comment Location is set to Embedded… that's all I changed [mine used to be set to Pop-up] and now when I look at my blog… and click on Comments to open it up… there is an option to Reply!! Just click on that and VOILA 🙂 I was so pumped to figure it out….haha. The little joys in life. It should be an interesting experience… but I am looking forward to it. I don't know anyone else that is going to the party [besides my co-worker and his gf and another coworker that's gonna go, hopefully] but I am a picture freak, so I will def. take pics and maybe post a few… a lot of my blog readers are mommies and I'm not sure that many of them even drink, let alone party like a weirdo anymore…so we'll see. 😉 Mommy needs to have some time to let loose too!!! That party bus you were on sounds CRAZY!!!! HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!

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