Pucker Up

Bennett’s vocabulary is out of control these days. He spits out words I didn’t even know he knew… and I love it. He is so funny and entertaining that I simply want to spend all of my time with this kid…

 …can you blame me?

Anyway, I didn’t know what to blog about today. I am hoping everyone is staying warm and happy today. It has gone from 50 degrees to 11 today… gotta love that Minnesota weather!!! Of course I waited until today to fill my tank too. I’m smrt. 🙂 What are you all thinking about doing for Valentine’s Day this year? I know, I’m probably jumping the gun on this one… but I am trying to stay ahead of things this year… at an attempt to fend off some of the stress that accompanies procrastination. I need to post that recipe….. comin’ up next!



2 thoughts on “Pucker Up

  1. I'd want to spend all day with sweet B too! As he gets older, he's looking more like his mama!I didn't realize Valentine's Day was the next celebrated holiday! Dale and I are extremely simple people. We don't ever really exchange gifts. We mostly enjoy spending time together so for birthdays and Valentine's Day, we typically enjoy a dinner out…baby-free. E does not do well going out to eat so when we do, we have to take turns eating while the other entertains him. When we eat out, we both find ourselves eating as fast as we can to accommodate E's limit of patience. Bleh. So…we very much enjoy a dinner out without E. Lol. I feel like I'm freezing with our 30 degrees here. 11??!! That is crazy cold to me.

  2. CUTE picture!!!!!! He is such an adorable little guy! As for Valentine's Day, I'll do something small for Jack. Probably try to make some heart-shaped food for his lunch at daycare and maybe something to share with the other kids. Something simple for Sidney. I still have yet to leave Jack with anyone, but I would really like to have a baby-free night out. Just dinner and a movie would be awesome! Hopefully soon. We really need it!

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