Sick B

Well, B started getting sick last week and when I arrived home on Friday evening after work, I laid eyes on a very ill looking little boy. He was pale and he had red, dry bags under his eyes. Ahhh, what a sad sight!!!

still manages a smile…

Yes, that is a pile of animal crackers. He probably only ate a few, but I wanted him to get something in his little stomach. Poor baby. 

Friday night, he puked all over his Thomas pillow and a little on his quilt. He also woke with such a shrieking, he came and cuddled with Mommy & Daddy. Daddy isn’t a fan of him sharing our bed, but Mommy loves it. 
Saturday he slept in a little bit and was a little bit better. Still had a cough and slight fever but the bags were almost all gone and he was regaining color, still no appetite. Not quite as spunky and a little bit whiny… not quite my typical little B. I had his Thomas sheets washed up in time for his nap on Saturday. 🙂 Couple Mommy points for that one.
Sunday was another day to sleep in an hour or so more than normal and he was looking a lot better. No fever and a lot more energy, less whining!!!! A little cough still lingers but I do believe we are en route to being healthy again! 
We finally put up his little playhouse he received as a Christmas present from Grandma Colleen & Poppa Mike… pics to follow! We went over to Gaga & Poppa’s [my parents] for dinner and B actually ate some potatoes. They were scalloped, and with ham, but hey… besides fries, that is the first time I remember him eating some. He was probably so starved from barely eating anything for the past couple of days, he would have picked at anything… but they were yummy so I can’t blame him either way. 
I’m guessing he is feeling a lot more like himself today and can’t wait to see that little kid tonight. As always. 
We have quit doing the “time out” bit and started sending him to his room, or a room [if we aren’t at home]. It seems to work so far so I will continue on that discipline route!!!! We have had a little hiccup in him going to bed so smoothly lately, and we aren’t totally sure why that’s been happening. It’s hard for me to ignore his pleadings through his bedroom door so sometimes Mommy has to just not be home. Is that horrible??? I should be stronger, right? I can’t!!!! It breaks my heart. Thank goodness I have Daddy to be the rock for us. 
B was right. He really is “Superman”. 🙂
Happy Monday!



2 thoughts on “Sick B

  1. My mom used to go take a hot bath when we would get upset at bedtime. She couldn't stand to hear us upset. By the time she was out, we were almost always fast asleep. Don't feel bad, Momma! I'm sorry B has been sick. Presley was really sick right before Christmas. She threw up all over her crib and ended up with her very first ear infection ( it was a double). It's so sad when our babies aren't themselves.

  2. So glad to hear that he's been feeling better! I agree that having a sick kiddo is the worst – I'd much rather be sick myself than see A suffering 😦

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