Comparison pics!

It’s time for some comparison pics. I will have to try to blog again about Christmas-time doings when I have a chance to include some pictures!!!!





6 thoughts on “Comparison pics!

  1. I LOVE IT! I'm totally stealing this idea. And I'm pretty sure that LB had that same "first Christmas" sleeper on her first Christmas too 😉 It was huge because I thought she'd come sooner/be bigger and bought 3mo one (what was I THINKING!?)

  2. Yay for the pictures. These are great. Except I don't really have pictures of myself.. actually now I'm unsure. I'll go dig some up and post it, haha. You look great and you've got a beautiful family 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful New Years babe!

  3. awesome photos! You do have a beautiful family! :)We have one from 2009 and 2011 in front of MIL's tree… funny to see the differences… he's a sleepy newborn in 2009 and a cranky squirmy toddler in the 2011 photo! I should post mine too.. heehee 🙂

  4. It feels like just yesterday you posted the 2010 picture. How has he already been through three Chirstmases?!?!?!?! Wow! So cute!

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