T-8 Days

My countdown on my computer reads… 8 days, 11:36:XX .. and counting. Where did the time go to??? Christmas is really just around the corner. Yesterday it was raining here in Minnesota… yes, raining. I wore a skirt and boots with long socks on December 14th, 2011!!! It’s much colder today, well it feels like it. It’s 31 but feels super cold compared to the past couple of days. Are you all ready for Christmas to arrive??? Are you in the spirit of it all? I have been forcing myself to turn on the Christmas tunes in an attempt to throw myself into the spirit a bit more… we still haven’t finished putting all of the ornaments on our Christmas tree at home. That is on my list of things to do tonight!!!! That list is long and we haven’t gone to bed earlier than 1230 lately…. usually later. These holidays are wearing!!!!

Bennett’s Birthday is on Sunday and the party itself seems to be sort of coming together. B & I ordered his cake at Target yesterday…I am sad to report that it is a Thomas cake. They didn’t have a generic train cake and I could not stray from the train theme itself so I caved and got that one. We didn’t have time to look around elsewhere as it was pushing it ordering it just last night. I had postponed the ordering since the week before. I postpone too much!

I am done shopping for Christmas presents!!!! I just need to get a few more stocking stuffers for people and I am DONE. Oh… then those presents need to be wrapped…. oh yeah…….

I am working on getting our Xmas cards done and sent out… please be patient. 🙂

Happy Thursday to all!!!


6 thoughts on “T-8 Days

  1. I'm with you- can't believe Christmas is NEXT Sunday!! Holy cow!! I have also been staying up later than I should be and it's wearing on me! But I LOVE Christmas and am definitely in the spirit. I totally recommend getting the new Michael Buble' Christmas CD. It is awesome and definitely put me in the spirit more than I already was. I listen to it at least once a day, usually more! 🙂 I can't wait to see how your Christmas card turns out!!!

  2. We've been up way late around here recently too – and I'm getting exhausted! Guess that's the holidays for you. ha! I love Christmas music and it always helps me get in the spirit. Turn it on and turn it up! yay!

  3. I haven't wrapped a single present yet!!! I hate wrapping because it pretty much looks like a five year old did it. I've been rocking the pandora Christmas station since November. I'm so behind on Presley's party!!! Thank goodness it's just going to be a small one!

  4. Thank you so much for your comment Anika…I am happy to have the comments turned on again too! I missed hearing from you! I totally understand if you are having a stressful time and, yes, it feels soooooo good to write about it. Can't wait to get your Christmas card, but take your time! Talk to you soon. 🙂 xoxo

  5. Oh hun you're on a roll there. I do hope that has a wonderful birthday. I'm sure he will since he's got a great mama taking care of everything 🙂 Btw, hun can you please email me your mailing addy. My stupid email deleted all my old emails and I wanted to send you a card too! 🙂 Thx in advancehttp://dirtontherocks.com

  6. I didn't know Target made cakes; cool! Hey, about that banner- the one I got for E was $3.50 at Target. 😉 With everything going on, I did not home make a lot of his birthday stuff like I did last year. I missed doing it all but didn't have the energy/time with recent health issues. I don't have your email. I think you have mine so can you email me so I have it? Thanks!You're one step ahead of us. We don't even have the tree up yet. :/ I think we'll get it up this weekend. I'm like you-not quite into the spirit of the holiday yet but I'm sure I'll get there once the tree is up.

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