I just finished watching the Pilot for Lipstick Jungle. This was a 2 season show starring Brooke Shields, Kim Raver & Lindsay Price… it’s about 3 highly successful and powerful women and their lives and such. It’s so good and I am still miffed they discontinued it after only 2 seasons. I did watch it while it was actually on TV, but it’s one of those shows where you can watch it over and over again. It is a total chick show, but that makes it that much better!!!! I recently found out they have full episodes online and have been re-watching them during my lunch hour. It’s a wonderful way to forget about everything else going on and just fall into the cute clothes and drama that of Lipstick Jungle!!!! I put both of my headphones in my ears and sit back….ahhhhhhhhhh … if you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it!!!!! 🙂

Anyway, B is still sick. He has an icky cough and a runny nose… and a slight fever. If it continues for a couple more days, I think we’ll have to bring him in. He is still in good spirits, that sweet little guy. Hoping he makes a turn for the better soon!!!! It’s heartbreaking to see your little babe feeling miserable. I give him props for still putting on a sweet smile and giving Mommy & Daddy a hard time when it’s time to change his diaper. We’ve put potty training on hold for a little bit now since he just transitioned to his no-front-rail crib big-boy bed. 🙂 So far P & myself have remained unscathed from the sickness that is around us…. *KNOCK ON WOOD*… we hope to continue this at least through the weekend in Chi! Can’t wait to see Sissy Liz & Brotha Michael!!!! Will miss little B, but it’s always a wonderful feeling to know he is in the care of the next best thing to M&D…GaGa & PaPa. ♥ We owe them the world!!!! Hopefully someday we can return at least a portion of what they’ve given to us, we would be so lost without them. Parents really are the bomb, ya??? Wish I would have known that while growing up and I wouldn’t have been such a little S***. Hahahaha…hindsight is 20/20.

I hope everyone else is healthy and enjoying another Fall day…. tomorrow I’m going shopping with my Momma at the MOA. Just found out my Company’s Christmas Party will be Dec. 3rd!!!! Momma has an excuse to get a new dress now. *happy dance*



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