Update. Lotsa stuff!

I haven’t posted for a while, I know. If anyone is still reading … thanks!!!! You can always go back and re-read my old posts. I know they’re super exciting. πŸ˜‰

If you are my friend on FB, you will know little B has been a busy boy. He showed interest in his little potty … for a day… and he decided he was done with his crib. He climbed out of it 3x in one day .. and might I add, he did it like an absolute pro! Stinker!!!!

Since the scaling of his crib, we have converted his crib into a “toddler bed”, the front railing is gone, with the addition of a crib rail, of course. We had his mattress directly on the floor for a little bit but that was not the best thing as we would find poor little guy sprawled 5 feet away from the thing.

We have had 2 nights in his big boy bed and the room temperature has been, well… temperamental. At first it was too cold and then it was too hot. Poor little B has to suffer while Mommy and Daddy try to figure out the stupid thermostat and vent positions. πŸ˜› Hopefully we can do that for little guy tonight.

He has had a runny nose for over a week now and he has a slight temperature at night but he is still the fun-loving comedian that everyone adores.

Last Friday I threw a Halloween/30th Birthday party for Daddy P. It was a good time and I was pleased with the turnout and that everyone arrived in costume!!!! Check out the cake!

We could not find our little camera so we had to pull out an ancient one which resulted in a small amount of pictures, plus it’s always hard to socialize with everyone and take pictures. I know everyone knows this !!! At any rate, his actual birthday isn’t until 11/4, but with it being deer opener on the 5th, he will be heading up north late on the 4th so obvs no parties could be had. Another party checked off the list!!! Yay!

Yesterday was Halloween and we spent the evening at my Parents’ house “trick of treating” and celebrating family-style with my Parents, Pat’s Mom & his Dad & Stepmom. It was an evening filled with loud talking, good food and more cake!!!! I didn’t get the pics of B’s costume [short-lived!] uploaded to the computer yet, but I plan on doing that tonight… and hopefully getting home before it’s much too dark to take any pictures of him outside with the ‘pumps’ that GaGa & PaPa grew in their very own garden this year…special just for B! It gets super dark here super early though so I am going to be driving against the clock. I wish I didn’t get home so late…. !!!!

Anyway…. this weekend is Rifle Opener for Deer in Minnesota and that means another weekend without Daddy P. I will be happy when this weekend is over and hopefully the hunting will subside until next year… but you never know… I guess there are always animals to be hunted. :sigh: I can’t say I didn’t know what I was signing up for when I married P, it’s just I much prefer having him around. I am working on my problem of being that nagging wife but it’s tough for me. I’m a work in progress. πŸ™‚

I have lots of pictures to go through but haven’t had a chance to do them. I also made a Halloween yarn wreath that I found on Pinterest [LOVE that site!!!] that I want to post a picture of … especially since it will now be making its way down into our basement not to be seen by eyes for another year!!!! boo… it was barely on our door for more than a week. I love to throw parties and to make a big deal out of Birthdays for people I love, but man… it’s hard work!!!!

I was looking forward in my calendar and I started getting some anxiety about the rest of the year. And about how little time there is between now and Thanksgiving… and then Christmas, which now goes hand in hand with B’s Birthday. Just typing this now is making me get a little cooky in the head and therefore, I will stop.

I will be leaving here shortly to rush home in hopes there is enough light for my camera to grab a few shots of a hopefully somewhat happy baby in his adorable little costume. Wish me luck, I’m definitely going to need it!!!!!

Happy Tuesday!


4 thoughts on “Update. Lotsa stuff!

  1. HI! Are we friends on Pineterest yet? Or even FB? I have not updated my blog in forever. I think I might just need to start over!We are about to do the toddler bed too… Liam's finally climbed out of his crib (we were expecting him to be able to do it a lot sooner!), so we tried a few days with the front rail off the crib (also with a safety rail) but it didn't go too well due to a few environmental and lifestyle changes… we didn't want to overwhelm him with too many changes, so we have the front rail back up, but he is climbing out more often now and I just need to take it off before he really gets hurt. Happy birthday to your DH! Hope everything else is going well!

  2. Seriously, the holiday season is seriously stressing me out as well. Between Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Ava's impending second birthday, every time I hear Xmas Music I have a full on panic attack! That's so awesome that B is in his big boy bed! Our crib doesn't convert (best I know), so we're probably going to get a twin for her so that I can help her make the transition. I'm definitely putting it off for fear of how much work it might take!Can't wait to see B's costume!!!

  3. Happy Birthday to P!! I love that cake! πŸ™‚ I'm glad B's doing well in his bed. Jack has never been much of a climber and has yet to attempt getting out of his crib. But it's getting harder to lay him down over the railing, so I've been thinking of taking the side down as well. It'll be awhile before we make the full transition to toddler bed though. It'll probably be when he's 2! This is definitely an overwhelming time of year, but there are so many wonderful things to look forward to! πŸ™‚ I hope you were able to get some pics of B in his costume. I saw the one on FB and it is too cute!!

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