RIP Moosey

Daddy P went on a big hunting trip to Alaska with his Dad this past week or so. He came back triumphant, he had slayed the beast!!!!

My Mom and I managed B while he was gone [THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, MOM!] Actually, I should not refer to her as Mom anymore, I should really be referring to her as “Gaga”. B has definitely named her!! He says it all the time even when she is not around… and when she is around, be prepared to hear it multiple times in a row… even after she’s answered him. 🙂 B’s vocabulary has exploded and he repeats almost every single word you say… which leads to having to watch quite closely what one says at certain times!!! He missed Daddy while he was away “huntn” but is glad to have him back. He greeted him with a loud “Daddy, Daddy!” Can’t get enough of those exclaimed name calls, can we? Alas, he is still a Mommy’s boy!!!! 🙂 I’m not complaining but I know it’s probably a little frustrating to hear you little Son say “no” to stuff he doesn’t mind Mommy doing. We are going camping this weekend… I will miss B’s sweet little face telling me “noooooo” to everything, but I will also enjoy a relaxing weekend away with my P. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. The weather is supposed to be gorgeous for us!!! I also hope to FINALLY catch a fish… it has been too damn long!!!! Happy Friday everyone!


3 thoughts on “RIP Moosey

  1. HOLY CRAP. That's a big moose. What do you do with it? Can you eat moose? I'm fairly ignorant of big game hunting – can you tell? ha! I grew up with deer season, but that was about it!

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