Happy 20 Months!!!

I cannot believe my little guy is 20 months old. 4 more and he’ll be a full 2 Years! ::sigh::

Mr. B,
I cannot begin to describe how you fill my heart and life with joy. Utter joy and love! I cannot imagine life without your sweet little face in it. I refuse to.
You are becoming quite the entertainer… and love to make us smile. You accomplish this day in and day out… almost constantly.
Your laugh is like music to our ears, little B. It’s so damn sweet!!!!
I have got to get your waddle walk on video… it’s SO CUTE!
Your vocabulary is expanding daily. You can imitate almost any word we say… and sometimes the words we don’t want you to say. Oops! šŸ™‚
You sleep like a sweet little angel and rarely wake in the night… and when you do, it’s simply a brief little cry or a little cough… you sleep through the nights continuously. You are simply a perfect little boy!
You love the “Moo” [Moon] and point it out in books and pictures. We try to find it at night before bedtime, but it keeps eluding us. Mommy’s working on that for you!!!
You also like trains and trucks A LOT. But you’re not narrow-minded at all because you also like PURSES!!! šŸ™‚ I love your versatility!
You and Lexxi are buddies… I am thankful we have such a sweet pup for you to be buddies with. You guys get along wonderfully!
You know what you want and when you want it…. and most of the time you want a … “TEET!” [treat] You know exactly where they’re kept too… smart little monkey!
You have no fear when it comes to climbing on things, er, or out of things. Just recently, you started climbing out of your pack & plays that you used to take naps in at Daycare and at Gma & Gpa Steffl’s. You also have started walking down the slide at home on the climber we have in the living room [yes, we have one of those houses]. You little daredevil, you!!! And every time you do something you know you’re not supposed to… you get this little flicker in your eye and give that ‘dare me!’ look… Grandpa Steffl has that same flicker in his eye when he’s fibbing around. Stinkers!!!
You have a pretty good appetite as of late. You eat most of what we give you although you’ve strayed from applesauce and yogurt now. You really love soup!

You are simply my perfect little boy and I could not love you a single ounce more.
Happy 20 Months!!!
Love, Mommy


3 thoughts on “Happy 20 Months!!!

  1. Happy 20 months, B!! He sounds like a sweet, fun, and happy little boy! I love this age right now. It's so much fun and they're like sponges, soaking up as much information as they can. It's really cool to watch!

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