Rewind 4 days: Happy 18 Months to my Favorite Little Guy!

Happy 18 Months to my sweet little B!

We spent his 18 Month day over at Gpa & Gma Steffl’s as we were celebrating Father’s Day with my Dad a day early. [we hiked on down to Elko to see Gpa Mike for Father’s Day on Sunday!] It was raining but still quite warm out which allowed some playing in the rain. Auntie Sarah was over as well for the big day and she, my Mom, and B had a grand old time in the raindrops! [pics to follow!..i am behind on uploading] We gave Daddy his brand new wheelbarrow [i know, such an exciting present but hey! he asked for one!] and we even had cake!!!! Life was good for little B … wait a second, when isn’t it? I’d love to be waited on hand and foot like he does. Ahhh the life of a toddler. šŸ˜‰

I looked at Bennett’s Baby Book that we got as a present from Grandma Mary when he was a wee little baby. I feel bad because there is only a little bit written in there as I had evidently sat down and recorded what I could at the time. I will have a lot to fill in but am trying to keep some sort of record elsewhere of everything. I didn’t keep close track of which teeth he got and when or how many he even has now!!! It seemed like he got them so quickly it was nearly impossible to keep track. Excuses, excuses..I know, I know!!!

Anyway, I think B is getting a molar, or some molars, right now. He is always feeling in the back of his mouth with his little hands. And he seems a little more whiny than normal… which could also be the premature beginning of … dare I say it… The Terrible Twos!!!! Which P & I are trying our best to avoid!!! Disciplining an 18 month old is something else!!!

He is starting to say more things but still doesn’t speak real clearly or utter many words on a daily basis. He does mimic pretty well and if you ask him questions, he will sometimes answer… well, if he wants to. Just yesterday was the first time I think I ever heard him call for me .. as in… Mommamama.. like to get my attention. He knows I’m Momma, but he has never really said it like he did yesterday. Awwwwwww, I loved it!!!!

He was standing on the scale yesterday and the quick glance that I got was around 25 lbs. We will get the real poundage next Thursday at his 18 Mo. well-child check-up! [I will return with those stats..for real, this time!] When I hold him, I feel like he’s so tall now… it’s hard to remember when he was that tiny little baby. *tear*

B is climbing on almost anything he can. He loves to climb on things and stand on them. He also has gotten a strange streak of hitting. And it almost is like he all of the sudden gets an urge out of nowhere … and then watch out! We try to tell him no and try to put him in ‘Time Out’ but it’s tough to discipline a child when they mainly just laugh in your face. It’s hard for me to not laugh myself!!!! Even when he does get upset he puts on this funny little face.. like a disgusted face [i will have to try to get a picture of it!] and that face itself cracks me up. I definitely am working on my acting skills!!!!

He is so much fun these days… always keeping us on our toes, for sure!!!! As of late, he has started becoming more ‘vocal’. He has started screaming and yelling!!! Oh joy! I need to become more lax about being out in public with him when he’s not just perfectly behaved and not moving around because he is definitely not always like that! He’s running around like a mad man and his laugh is absolutely music to my ears.

Also, as of June 4th, Bennett is completely PACI FREE!!!! June 3rd was the first night without the paci… and it was a rough one but after that was pretty much smooth sailing. B took it like a champ and now we don’t have it ever!!!! So proud of my little guy!

The joy and love that I get from having Bennett in my life is overwhelming. I could not express it through words if I tried for a million years!!!! He is everything I’ve ever wanted or needed and I love him more than anything in the world! [maybe a tie with Pat .. and the rest of my fam ;)]

It is bittersweet that my baby is now an official Year and a Half. Before I know it, he’ll be a full 2 years old!!!!

Look how you’ve grown!!! And so quickly! Slow down, sweet Baby!!!! Slow down!!!



3 thoughts on “Rewind 4 days: Happy 18 Months to my Favorite Little Guy!

  1. Happy 18 months B!!I love the photo collage you put together. It's amazing how much they have grown and changed. I know exactly what you mean about him feeling tall. Asher is the same way! When we went to the doc last week he stood on the scale for the first time (rather than laying down) and I teared up – he looked so much like a big boy!! We're also getting some terrible 2's over here – yay! ha!

  2. I also love the photo collage!I love this new phase they're going through – at least the sweet parts. Being increasingly vocal is so awesome – I love their little baby voices!If only tantrums weren't a part of this stage…!!!Happy 18 months, B!

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