B Update

My little guy is growing so quickly and to witness the changes from day to day are nothing less than AMAZING. He is starting to talk more and it is the cutest thing!!!!! I love to ask him questions… like “Where’s Momma?” he points to me and says Momma “Where’s Dadda?” he points to P and says Dadda  and my new favorite that we just started a few days ago… “Where’s Baby?” and he pats on himself and says Bay-bee. LOVE.

He is so funny, too. Even when I try to discipline him and tell him No… he is so funny!!!!!! It’s pretty tough to look into that sweet face and say No, but I’m going to have to work on that!!!!! The kid laughs at me when I put him in time out. Stinker stinker stinker!!!!!

He also enjoys showing his tummy. I’ll ask him “Where’s your belly?” and he’ll lift his shirt up and pat on it. !!!!!

He’s become more picky in his eating… but we are trying to teach him that if he doesn’t eat the meal we prepare for him, he will go hungry. Tough love is TOUGH! So far he hasn’t had many issues with hunger as he does eat some food we give him, but he just doesn’t eat like he used to.

B has been waking up the past few nights because he has lost his paci[s]. It never used to be like this and he only has his paci at nighttime and naptime, basically when he’s sleeping. We thought this was okay for a little while since he didn’t seem that attached to it, but now it’s getting to a point where we want to make a change. This weekend will begin the weaning process and I hope it goes okay…. wish us luck!!!! If you have any pointers, please, PLEASE send them my way!!! 🙂

I’m sure there is a lot more that I haven’t mentioned in my blog as my head is in the clouds of craziness!!!!! I’m just feeling a wave of relief that my little Sister is happily married and had a beautiful wedding!!!!! 🙂

Time to feed the kiddo and maybe make a trip to the park!!!!!

Happy Thursday!!!!


2 thoughts on “B Update

  1. I love the little words and gestures our babies are saying! Adelle isn't eating like she used to either, I wonder what those little taste buds are up to?! I was wondering when to start teaching Adelle that she needs to eat what we eat. For the most part she does fine, but sometimes she just won't eat. When did you start that? I will be sending good thoughts your way on B's paci!

  2. love the new header!Also, A isn't eating well anymore either! Some days, yes, but generally she is a nibbler, and refuses things she used to love. Must be an age thing!

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