Quick Update.

Bennett had his first trip to the ER last week. On Thursday evening, we put him to bed around 830 like normal. He had had a cold and had already been to the Dr. but they told us to neb him one day and if that didn’t work, prescribed Amox which we filled the previous Monday. He had a runny nose and a little cough but nothing startling. At midnight, he woke up coughing like a seal and the poor baby could hardly catch a breath. It was alarming and quite scary!!!! We knew we had to take him in… it was really scary to listen to him try to catch a breath. He only wanted to be held by Mommy and when I had to throw some clothes on, he went to Daddy and he freaked out … which made his attempts to breathe even worse. SCARY. And going against all safety recommendations, I held him [in the back seat] all the way to the hospital. There was no way he was going to sit in that car seat without freaking out, which would have led to even more struggling to catch some air. No, I was going to hold him. It was probably one of the longest 15 minute rides I’ve taken… and the entire time I was praying that he wouldn’t stop breathing. Patrick said that he was doing the same all the way there. Anyway, we made it there, he had a nebulizer treatment with a stronger drug than we had at home, was given an oral steroid and then we sat there for a couple hours to make sure he was okay. We were discharged at 330AM on Friday morning. We got home, he went to bed, we went to bed… and then I got up at 810AM to get to work at 830AM. Patrick stayed home with poor little B [he has a lot more sick time than I do!]. He is doing much better now and we are almost done with the previously prescribed Amoxicillin. The entire experience was really tough, but all in all wasn’t that bad… he didn’t get poked at all and got to drink straight apple juice. 😉

I’m off to Chicago this weekend for my little Sister’s 2nd Bridal Shower for her Fiance’s side. My Mom & I are flying out Sat morning and coming back Sun evening. A quick trip but I hope to bring my bigger camera to try to get some nicer pics while I’m there this time!!!! 🙂

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!!!


3 thoughts on “Quick Update.

  1. Oh dear! It's nice to hear he's doing fine now. I would be scared if that happened to my son I wouldn't know what to do. Poor baby. Anyway, hope you all are doing well and hope you had a good easter!

  2. You poor mom and dad and POOR B!!! I hope he is on the mend and its SO so SO hard when they are sick and we cant do anything but hug and kiss them…tear. Hang in there and have a great weekend! XO

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