My little guy is growing so damn fast, it’s making my head spin.
I still call him “Baby”… and that’s gonna be a hard one for Momma to break.

B has been quite stubborn in the speaking department. He is becoming more and more vocal lately, though, and yesterday I noticed he’s starting to mimic now! And I think we can officially say that his first word is “Juice”! At breakfast yesterday, he said it clear as day and then throughout the day he was repeating it for everyone else to hear {not just Mommy & Daddy’s biased ears}. I am going to work on getting a better statement on video b/c the one that I got yesterday took a little bit. LOL I love that he’s starting to say words… wish he would say Mommy and Daddy more often. He resorts to pointing and grunting and whining a lot … agh. Soon enough, soon enough. My Mom said that once he does start talking, he will not be able to stop because he will have so much to say. Haha. Can’t wait. πŸ™‚

Another thing he decided to learn yesterday was using a handle at my parents’ house. He stood on his tippy-toes and opened the door to their office while Daddy & I were inside printing some stuff off for my Dad. TOTAL STINKER!!!! They have old-school childproofing where they have a little hook and hole that locks most of their doors at the way top of the door. Thank goodness for this!!!!! It will hopefully take longer for him to figure out the handles at our house because they are the normal round ones where you have to twist… but I definitely don’t think it will take him too long. When B gets something in his head to do, he usually does it. Sounds somewhat familiar {Mommy trait!}.

Beyond yesterday, in just the past week I’ve noticed he’s acquired some different “skills”. He notices our dog, Lexxi, a lot more and enjoys crawling over her, under her, and pulling her hair and tail. Lexxi is awesome with B and tolerates it the best that she can. How are you guys disciplining your little ones??? We tell B “NO” in a stern voice and sometimes hold his arms down so he can’t do said bad things, but he just laughs in our faces. Not sure what to do there. He has also learned to pull hair… and man, he pulls HARD. And he thinks it’s the funniest thing ever…?! He also throws blocks, etc. But he’s been doing that for a little while now… I guess we just need to figure out a disciplinary action that works for all of us, and that B doesn’t find completely hilarious. 

B is a huge Momma’s boy…. and I absolutely love this!!!! Most of the time he only wants me… I do feel a little bad about him reaching for me while in Daddy’s arms, but hey…. we have a special bond… I provided him personal room & board for 10 months. Hard to break that bond. πŸ˜‰

On the downer side of things, I am still sick. I have been sick for over 2 weeks now and I am completely sick of being sick!! I tried to go to the Minute Clinic at lunchtime today but the line was 7 deep already and at 20+ min per person, I didn’t have time for that!!!! I am going to try to figure something else out, though, because I feel worse today than I did yesterday. Not cool. And I don’t want to get B sick as he is finally getting over the pre-pneumonia crap he had. Today is his last day of Amox. Daddy P is a little sick, but not nearly as bad as me and I hope whatever he has doesn’t last nearly as long as mine is. I know there’s crap going around, but seriously… it’s been long enough. I’d like my health back, thank you.

Alright… back to the fuzzy grind. πŸ˜›

Happy Monday!


2 thoughts on “Milestones!!

  1. Oh my gosh! Your mom is so right! As soon as he starts it will just click! Ethan is a chatterbox these days!Sorry to hear you were sick for so long. Are you feeling any better now? We aren't! BOO! I'm ready for WARM and DRY weather for sure!

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