Getting to Know You…!

I stole this little idea from the Connors Family blog.  I love little surveys, too. 🙂
Look forward to hearing more about you blogger buddies of mine!!!!

Happy Tuesday!!!

{1} When and how did you and your husband/significant other meet?

{2} What do you and your husband/significant other do for work?

{3} What kind of car do you drive?

{4} If you had a few hours to yourself {baby free}, what would you do?

{5} What is a strong trait of yours?


1]My Husband & I met in school, more specifically High School. We both attended the same school from Kindergarten up but we didn’t really become friends and more than friends until HS. My Mom loves this picture she found of us both in a younger grade coincidentally in the same class. LOL So silly.

2]I work in Logistics for a small computer brokerage company in the suburbs of Mpls. I started here as a temp almost 10 years ago!!! Uff da! I don’t have any major complaints about the job or the people or the company, but it’s definitely not what I had pictured myself doing… so I’m thinking about going back to school. That’s a whole different monster. 😛 My Husband is a Probation Officer for another suburban county. Yes, he has a badge. No, he doesn’t pack heat. 🙂

3]I just got a Toyota Camry SE. I ♥ it!!!!! 😀 Mommy car… with style. Boom. haha

4]I was just telling Patrick the other day that there are so many different things that I want to do with my free time but now that there is so little of that, you have to choose. It’s well worth the sacrifice, but it is tough sometimes to choose. I like to play on the computer, play some video games, go out for some brewskies and play some BBH, knit, read books, learn new languages. Ahhh, so many things!!!

5]I would say that I am understanding. I’m empathetic. That probably isn’t a typical “strong” trait, but I think it is. I have a strong ability to place myself in other people’s shoes and to try to see and understand what they’re feeling. I’m a good advice giver too, I think. Hehe.


Alright, hope you all fill this out for me to get to know a little more about y’all too. 🙂 Thanks Christina!!!

Okay…last night I was supposed to go see “No Strings Attached”, well, that didn’t work out. I was totally bummed and pissed at AMC theaters because their ‘network’ was down and therefore, they couldn’t run cards and it also evidently affected their ATM so we couldn’t withdraw cash to pay either. I don’t carry much cash these days… and my friend didn’t have any either. Let’s just say last night was kind of a bummer all in all. Originally there were 3 of us planning to go out to dinner to have a drink or two and then off to the movie. Well first one of their husbands texted they were sick and couldn’t pickup/watch the kids. UGH. So then there were 2. Okay, so we were supposed to meet at 615…uhhh… my little buddy didn’t arrive until 720!!!! I was pretty pissed, but this too passed. Oh well…. we have rescheduled the movie until Feb 8th. I will have to post my review after that! 🙂 I can probably report on Ashton Kutcher’s hotness without seeing the movie. UBER-HOT. 😉

Happy Tuesday, y’all!


2 thoughts on “Getting to Know You…!

  1. Haha – yes, it's a safe bet that he's uber-hot. Maybe someday he'll tire of Demi and go out on the search for a younger woman 🙂 Unfortunately I've already given my heart to Justin Timberlake though!

  2. I'm sorry your night out was a bust. There is always next time! Thanks for the idea, I'll put the survey on my blog too!! P is a probation officer?! He looks so non-threatening! 🙂

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