I will be better!!!

Alright, it’s been a long time since I posted.. and I will say it again, I’m such a bad blogger! Ahhhhh!!! Okay, I will try to be better and post more frequently. Don’t give up on me yet!!!

So anyway, Bennett finally had his 1-year well child check-up last Friday. He is in good health but the poor kid had to get 3 shots… and all in different places. And the chick that did them sucked… took her sweet time and well, I hate all the nurses that administer the shots… you know, because they hurt my baby. 😛 He had to get 1 in each arm.. towards the back of the arm (ouch!!!) and 1 in his thigh. Pooooooooooooooor baby!!! He cried harder than I have ever seen him cry!!!! I almost cried myself…. but no tears were actually shed, I held it together! It’s so hard to see my little guy in such distress!!! Oh and I’m a huge crybaby, too. I guess I should mention that too. Haha. I need to find the exact stats off the sheet from the Dr, so I will post that tonight.

Now I’m going to post about something that is a sensitive subject. Last week my MIL was on the phone with Daddy P and B started banging the childproofed cabinets in the kitchen while I was cooking dinner… and I kept wondering why Daddy P wasn’t hanging up the phone… all the while I guess MIL was trying to “sensitively” convey her “concern” about B’s eye(s). We gave MIL a Shutterfly photo book of B from birth to 1 year…as she had requested that be one of her Xmas gifts. I guess she had brought it into work and one of her co-workers told her she thought B’s eye(s) were crossed in multiple pictures. I have never noticed such a thing myself and I guess you don’t really look for it, obviously. I felt like I was scrutinizing my baby and it made me very upset. P was like “she didn’t mean to offend”… well, excuse me… now you’ve changed the way I look at my child. I didn’t like how I was then looking at him. I cried. I cried because my feelings were hurt and because I guess I was a little worried there was something wrong with B. Anyway, I look at pictures now and really scrutinize them… and yes, in some pictures his eye(s) do look a little “crossed”. But pictures are pictures. When I look at my sweet little babe, I don’t see any issues firsthand. We did ask the Pediatrician and he said he didn’t see anything and it’s most likely Pseudo-Strabismus … being his space between both eyes is wider than most people’s (asian thing). He did give us a referral to an Opthamologist in case we wanted to put our minds at total rest. We are still debating this… it was pretty awkward, though, when the Dr asked who had told us about the eye(s). Being we didn’t even know this person, don’t even know her name…. This is obviously a minor situation, if it even is a situation at all… but it definitely is something P & I need to think about some more. B is still my perfect little baby… I don’t care what anyone says!!!!!

It’s Monday and this is how I feel about being at the office!!!!


4 thoughts on “I will be better!!!

  1. Don't worry…you won't loose me! I'm so sorry B had such a bad appointment. Presley has hers on Thursday and I'm dreading it:( About the eye thing, I really wouldn't put too much stock into what a stranger said. If it were something really serious, I feel like you would have noticed it on your own. I have never noticed anything at all in your pictures. Either way, I'm sure it was hard to hear. So sorry your worried.Also, I love love love the "Monday" picture!!!

  2. I know you have probably been busy so no worries I am still reading!!! I think it will be nothing too, but sometimes we need a little extra insurance!

  3. That picture really says it all about Mondays, doesn't it? I have never once noticed anything even remotely different about B's eyes, so I wouldn't worry about it, though I know that something like that would have upset me also. Some people are so insensitive.

  4. I wouldn't worry about his eyes. You asked the doctor and it sounds like it's nothing to be concerned about. I've actually noticed that sometimes Jack's left eye looks a little weird. But babies are born with big eyes because eyes don't grow and I think that's all it is! LOVE the picture! Poor B!

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