Quick Post!

I am swamped, again, at work. But I wanted to quick post something.

I haven’t had the time to post anything lately because I have been a busy MOH trying to finalize Save the Dates for my little sister. I also have lots and lots of other stuff to do, but that has been my main focus lately.

B got his first haircut … as you can see in my Wordless Wednesday post. 🙂 At first he wasn’t too sure, but as you can see, by the end, he was a happy little baby like Momma is used to seeing! It looked kind of bowl-cutty to begin with, but now has started to grow in a little more and he looks like a little boy and not a baby anymore. *tear* It should be perfect for his Birthday and Christmas. !!! Yay!!!!  I was worried about how it would go, but I will definitely be returning to Snip Its again. Cool place!

I have ordered and received B’s birthday supplies but will need to make time for a post about that sometime soon. It’s coming up so quickly!!! We also need to get B in to see Santa… another thing on the list. Ahhhhhh!!!

Alrighty, back to work. Hope y’all are enjoying this festive time of year. That’s another thing I need to post about…my tree !!!! Ashlie, I will!!! [p.s. your tree is making my tree insecure!!! lol]


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