Down & Out.

I am so bummed. I have been sick since Saturday. Friday, Daddy P left for rifle hunting with Gpa L and B and I were just hanging out. We were looking forward to seeing Auntie Liz & Uncle-to-be Mike on Saturday but my sickness completely derailed us. I woke up at 545 Saturday morning and I had the worst stomach ache. I got up and it was hell from there out. I was so sick that I could barely carry or lift B around and struggled to do the typical things… such as diaper changes and was so worried he was going to catch it from me! I had to call P because I couldn’t take care of B in the condition I was in, and my older sister was sick with the exact same sickness and my parents were occupado with Liz and Mike and Mike’s parents in town for wedding stuff! He came home and thank goodness for that!!! I slept as much as I could… I couldn’t eat anything, really. I think over the weekend I had a vanilla shake from McD, some white rice, a few bites of mac & cheese and a little vanilla ice cream with chocolate and caramel topping. Nothing else sounded good to me at all and my appetite still hasn’t made a full recovery either. I had chicken fried rice for lunch, along with a Sprite. I am trying to take it easy on my stomach as I know it had a rough weekend. Ick!!!! My Mom has the sickness now and I hope we all get better soon because we have a wedding this weekend in Duluth to haul our butts to!

B had a high fever last week, 103ish. Strangely, that was all he had, though. He didn’t have a runny nose or a cough or anything else, just the fever. I was thankful that it came and went in about 24 hours but now he has no fever but we haven’t seen a poop in over 24 hours. If he doesn’t have one at daycare today, we will have to call the Dr! Poor B! I wonder if we didn’t catch whatever he had and it morphed once into our bodies??? Who knows!!!! I’m just thankful to be on the upside of it! Hopefully the worst has come and passed.

My Sister has officially ordered her wedding dress. Hooray!!! I am so excited for her!!!! I was laying in bed last night trying to fall asleep and mulling over the MOH speech as I am super nervous about it [i hate public speaking!!!] I went to my phone today to write it down and was just about finished and I accidentally, somehow, lost it. I was devastated. I still am!!! AGH!!!! No undo button, either. Sucks!!!!  I’ll get it down again…. just was happy with what I had.

Anyway, it’s a beautiful day outside. Even though I am feeling under the weather… it’s a sunny 61 out in Minnesota today. Hope y’all that aren’t down with the sickness are out there enjoying it as much as you can… as the sun will be setting much earlier today [daylight savings, curse you!]

Happy Monday!


4 thoughts on “Down & Out.

  1. There is nothing worse than being sick with a stomach virus. So sorry and hope your fully recovered soon. I was so super duper nervous to give the matron of honor speech at my sister's wedding too. My pre-speech champagne helped a little though:) I can't believe you deleted it, but maybe your next type up will be even better!! Gotta think positive right?? Thanks for the PBK chair suggestion. I ordered it today. What a great idea!!

  2. I'm so glad you're feeling better! I hope it's completely gone ASAP! Being sick sucks, especially when you've got a little one to take care of. At least B didn't get sick though; that's amazing and I hope it stays that way. I hate driving home from work in the dark, especially now that Jack is with me. And it always feels so much later than it really is. Blah!

  3. I had that not too long ago – it sucked!! I am glad you're starting to feel better though!! I didn't write my MOH speech until the night before the wedding and I really loved what I said (so did the couple). I guess I work best under a little pressure. :)I hope today is just like yesterday!! It was BEAUTIFUL and in NOVEMBER!! Gotta love MN weather!

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