JBF success & sticker shock!

I don’t know if it’s just Minnesota or not, but we have these sales called JBF which stands for “Just Between Friends”. It is a completely organized sale for strictly kids stuff, and it’s AWESOME. I can’t even remember exactly how I found out about them, but I am so thankful that I did!!!! It’s a handful of women that organize it and they do a great job! You can consign your items…name your own price and then they take a percentage [i will have to look into this after baby #2 or 3!] and you get the money after the sale!!! It’s a great thing and Daddy P & I reaped the benefits last night! They have a presale open to new moms [have had and/or adopted a child within 12 months] and expectant mothers the night before the sale opens to the public. I have been able to get in on that presale for all of the sales I’ve been to so far. Once my ticket to the presale gets too old [coming up so soon *tear*], I am going to have to volunteer or leech on to one of my other friends that have had a baby or are expecting!!!! Call me Leechy! šŸ˜‰  No, but in all seriousness this sale is something that I completely look forward to. We managed to grab on to 2 big bags full of goodies for little B for under $60.!!!! I can honestly say this would have cost us over $300 [at least!] if we were to have bought everything we found at full price. And yes, this stuff is used but we are careful to pick the gently used stuff and we both have a great eye for the best prices!!!! It’s always interesting because you can usually find the same thing at a reduced price as everyone picks their own prices!!! Alright, I’ve completely raved over this and now I’m done. LOL

In the same breath, I’d like to gauge just how cheap frugal I am. I absolute LOVE me a good sale. It actually like gives me an adrenaline rush. Am I totally weird?! Haha. I also love garage sales and thrift stores, and yes, the JBF sales! Anyway…. I’m not sure if y’all know about the site Zulily.com but it’s a “deals site”. I hope you all are also aware of Baby Half Off and Babysteals, I follow those daily!!! I have also gotten a few things off of both sites and they are completely legit! šŸ™‚ Anyway, I get a daily email from Zulily.com and today it was some holiday items and I wanted to check it out as they looked pretty cute. It’s always fun to grab a cute onesie here and there! Anyway, so I check it out and these onesies are on sale for $31.99. I guess these things retail for $52. Um, does anyone else get drop-jaw from these prices for a onesie???? I don’t think they’re even that cute… check it out.

What do you guys think???? I think these are ridiculously overpriced. Or… am I so overly CHEAP???! Tell me the truth!!!! šŸ™‚

Alright ladies… [and any stray men that haven’t lost complete interest] … back to work !!!! I have a nasty desk that needs to be organized and swept. Gross.

Happy Thursday All!!!! Weekend… we’re almost there!!!!


5 thoughts on “JBF success & sticker shock!

  1. I WISH I knew of an awesome sale like that here!!! We need winter clothes sooo bad. I love babysteals and baby half off! šŸ™‚ Oh asnd yes…theres no way on earth I would spend 30+ on a onsie!!! Wow. Thats nutso! I dont think I would even spend 20 for a super cute personalized one. So I guess I may be seriously cheap. lol.

  2. Three things: JBF sales are something we definitely need around here – how awesomeThat picture of B is adorable. Love his little fingers over the mouth!AND…you're not cheap. $30+ for a onesie? Pfffft. No way. I had to really think through two pairs of pj pants I found at kohl's on sale for $3. Hahaha

  3. LOVE that picture!!! Seriously, being frugal is the best especially when you have kids. This stuff is expensive and it's easy to go overboard. That's why i love these sales too. Your sale is exactly like our TotSwap that we have twice a year. I went while I was pregnant to the presale and I actually consigned in March and again this past September. Mostly clothes. I don't plan on having another baby (if I even have another) until Jack is 3 or 4 and I don't have room to store all this stuff, so it's got to go!! But I made about $140 and I spend about $160 so almost broke even . And I got his entire fall and winter wardrobe plus some awesome toys. I love it!! They grow out of these clothes so fast (and dirty them up) that it's stupid to spend a lot of money on brand new ones. Yay for being frugal and finding good sales! :)Oh, and I have no idea what size shoe Jack wears. I only know that his feet are fat and don't fit in regular shoes. I found those sneakers at the sale actually for $10, barely used and they fit so I grabbed them! They are from Stride Rite which is where I'll buy all his shoes and they are a wide. I just can't squeeze his foot into regular baby shoes. It stinks because I have a cute pair of baby Vans that he will never wear. šŸ˜¦

  4. We have the JBF sales here in Mi, too. In fact, we have one today around the corner from my house. After lunch we're going there for a bit. You're not cheap. I think I've gotten that way after getting so many nice things (hardly worn!) at garage sales for $1 and $2 each. Why would I spend $30 (not that I ever would anyway) on something that's going to get food, dirt, drool, and inevitably pooped on?

  5. You're totally right! I get emails from Zulily too and thought the same thing when I saw those "specials"! I could never spend that much on a onesie.We have JBF here in VA and I definitely need to go to the next one – I love a great deal!

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