5 Question Friday… and dentist woes!

1. Do you feel guilty spending money on yourself?
Yes. ALWAYS. I admit that I am quite frugal {Thanks, Mom!} and I don’t like to waste any money on anything that we may not necessarily need… and now that B has come along, I would almost usually prefer to buy things for him!!!

2. How well do you know your neighbors?
We just moved into the new house a little while ago… so honestly we don’t know them at all. And with our weird weather lately… there hasn’t been much opportunity to really meet them either. I did get mean-mugged by some older kid in the driveway coming home from work the other day. That’s about the extent of it. 

3. What age are you looking forward to being?
I am at a good age right now, I think.  I’m a little weary about turning 30…but isn’t 30 the new 20???

4. Do you get excited when the mail comes? Why?
Yes, always. LOL and I’m not even sure why??? It’s usually a bunch of total junk mail anyway. 

5. What is your earliest childhood memory?
Honestly, my childhood memories are slim to none. I have the worst memory of anyone that I know!!! I blame it on the seizures.  
Alright!!!! That was a good & quick 5 Question Friday. I’m so glad it’s Friday already. The short work week was great!!!! I fell asleep at 830PM last night…slept through the entire night and feel pretty rejuvenated today. Well, kind of. This dreary weather isn’t helping my energy level. 
So … yesterday I went to the Dentist for the 2nd time since the beginning of my journey to getting a new crown on my front, chipped tooth. I had to go back in because when I went to get the custom-shade done at the tiny, ghetto office..the guy said that in order to make a “perfect” crown {aka. a crown that won’t stick out 1 millimeter past my other front tooth} they would need to shave down my little chipped tooth {the real one that’s still there..barely}. That was the goal yesterday… so I went in, they shot me up with novocaine {yes, on the roof of my mouth again…3x}, they removed the temporary {broke it in the process} and shaved the crap out of my poor little tooth underneath. Then they took a new impression for the crown guy and made another temporary and put that on. I returned to work and that entire area was pounding…throbbing… “heart throbbing”. I called to see if that was normal as it wasn’t like that the 1st time around, not even close. They had me come back in. I went back in and they shot me up with novocaine again {damn those roof shots!} and took the temp off and put 4 coats of some desensitizing stuff on the little tooth that could and then put the temp back on again. The dentist gave me an Rx for some vicodin something or other but I haven’t filled it. They also gave me 800mg Ibuprofen but I have only used those a couple of times. The throbbing has subsided and I am really, REALLY hoping that I won’t have to have a root canal. They said that if it doesn’t get better over the weekend, that would be the end-game.  Let’s hope it won’t get to that!!!!! Right now I have a totally bruised up gum tissue around that tooth…. which I am hoping that subsides as well! And it’s not over either… even if I don’t have to have a root canal, I still have to go back in 2 weeks or so to get the permanent crown on. And yes, I believe that will involve more novocaine. FML.
B was supposed to start a new daycare this past Wednesday. Patrick went to drop him off and evidently there were a whole bunch of cars in the driveway. Cars that weren’t there when we originally visited. He thought it strange so asked her about it. At first she told him that they were theirs. Um, okay. Then she changed her story and said they were cars that her husband was working on, that he works on cars on the side as a hobby or side job or something. Um, not cool. We didn’t know that before! What does that mean, then? Are there strangers coming in and out of the house, dropping and picking up their vehicles??? Are we leaving our Baby at an auto shop?? There were other little things that had thrown up little red flags about this place… so anyway Patrick ended up dropping him off…. driving down the road… stopping, sitting for 2 mins and then realizing what he had to do. He drove back to the house, went in, and told her he couldn’t leave him there. He said it was one of the hardest things he has ever had to do, knowing that it would probably offend the woman a lot. But he had to do it for the well-being of B and I am very glad that he did!!!! Needless to say, he won’t be going there and we are going to visit another one next Tuesday night. Until we find a SUPER GOOD place, my Mom has offered to watch him full time. Her early retirement has been a complete blessing to us and we are so thankful and appreciative of her helping us out with B. I have no idea what we would do otherwise!!! It is really nice to be at work and know that he’s in very capable and loving hands. I can sleep easily…wait, not at work. 😉 So hopefully this new place will be a good one! If not.. the search continues. 
Speaking of work… back to it. 



One thought on “5 Question Friday… and dentist woes!

  1. I'm actually really looking forward to 30. Crazy, huh?? I might not feel the same way when it comes around next year!That is so great that Patrick followed his instincts and went back to get B. What a good dad! You are so lucky that your mom is able to watch him. I really hope you find a good place that you are comfortable with. It's not easy to leave your baby, but when you know he's safe and taken care of, it makes it easier. Cute picture!!

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