The Dentist Sucks.

Okay, so I had a dental appointment this morning … 7AM to be exact. Mind you, I normally wake up around 645 and I was out of the house before that time. Totally sucked. I am NOT a morning person. Not in the tiniest bit!!!! I used to be a night owl but now I love my bed, I love my pillow, and I love my sleep! So anyway, it was early and I was right on time. I didn’t know what exactly was going to happen as I don’t remember the last time I had my “crown” put on my chipped tooth. I was a lot younger.. it was a LONG time ago. Unfortunately, they had to use novocaine and they did multiple shots in the roof of my mouth. NOT IDEAL. It was worse than any other novocaine shot I’ve had in my mouth!!!! Anyway, so then they proceeded to chip, scrape, grind away on my tooth to remove the old crown so that we can replace it with a new, WHITER one. It is never a pleasant sound and let me tell you, the smell is even worse!!!! I can’t even explain it. Disgusting. So then they finished that up and worked on making a temporary cap until I can get the real one put on in 2 weeks! I guess I need to get a custom shade for it at a different location, which then has to be sent to a lab to be done and then I need to go back into the dentist to have them put it on. I am really hoping no novocaine is involved in that, but with my recent dental luck… it probably is. ugh. So anyway, you should have seen my tooth after they removed all of the fake stuff. WOWZER. I had no idea… and I realize they probably did grind away a bit of my natural tooth but I had no clue it looked anything like it did. It literally looked like a not-so-sharp shark tooth. Remember, this is one of my front 2 teeth!!!! Thank goodness for porcelain crowns!!!!! I would have to move down to the deep south if I couldn’t get that thing covered up. Okay joking, joking… but you may see me on Swamp People!!!! JOKING! I will have to post pics of my new tooth once I get it – September 15th, baby!!!! Woohoo! Can’t wait! πŸ™‚ Then hopefully no dentist except for the twice annual cleanings because I have had too many novocaine pokes to remind me to brush my teeth and floss EVERY DAY. So ladies…. BRUSH BRUSH BRUSH. FLOSS FLOSS FLOSS. And don’t chip your teeth!!!!! πŸ˜€

B is home with my Mom today and I love knowing he’s with someone that loves him just as much as I do. I can’t wait to get home to see that little bugger!!!! I need to get my butt together on some videos and get his 8 month block pics done!!!!! Life has seemed more hectic than usual lately, but I am trying to get things organized!!!! I haven’t even posted many pics lately. I need to get on that!!!!! I have some and we finally got our internet hooked up, AGAIN, last night. I will try to get some up tonight!!!!!



3 thoughts on “The Dentist Sucks.

  1. YAY for Internet!Boo for the dentist. Just the word "dentist" makes me start to sweat. I'm major phobic. I'm talking valiumx2 phobic.

  2. The dentist sucks! I chipped one of my front two teeth also, but I was 8 and got a crown when I was 12. I have had more procedures done in my mouth than I care to count. So I completely understand how you feel! I've been going to the same dentist since I was 12 (she did my crown), but she doesn't take my insurance and I can no longer afford to pay her out of pocket, which means I haven't had a cleaning in about 2 years. 😦 I actually want to go, lol! I miss the days when my dad paid for these things. πŸ™‚

  3. I hate the dentist! I was supposed to have my wisdom teeth taken out when I was 16. I'll be 29 in October and now I'm paying for it. As soon as I'm done nursing, I have to get them taken out. Yuck!

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