so behind….and toy FAIL

Okay, we just moved into our new house last Thursday. Well, I mean we moved our crap   stuff into our new house and garage. We have in no way, shape, or form, actually moved in yet. I have been without internet and cable at home since Thursday. It has been rough!!!! I feel like I have missed so much in the blogs that I read and hopefully can catch up once we re-enter the WWW tomorrow!!!! I have started to catch up on a few but it seems like the further I look down, the more I have missed. *boo*!!!

Anyway, I have also taken a little time while at work here {working hard!} and changed a few things on my bloggy blog. I hope you guys enjoy the new font and signature. I need to update my button … if I do update my button, does that mean you guys that have grabbed it will need to grab it again or will it automatically update on your pages??? Hmm…. Emily? 🙂 You’re my go-to girl for all things Blogger. Hope that’s not too annoying.

Anyway, B is keeping us busy and I don’t think he wants us to unpack anything, I think he just wants to play…play…and crawl… and play some more. Oh and scream a little… and throw all of his toys on the ground while in his high chair. I bought a suction cup Sassy toy at Target {see pic}

and I was so excited to finally find one with a suction feature that I didn’t even inspect it any more closely than to see it had a suction. Well… first of all this toy is super annoying. The sound feature is ongoing and we have put a stop to that by inserting and cutting off the paper that came in the little ladybug part to inhibit sound until it’s purchased. Secondly, this toy is removable from the suction part… and super easily. Not the best idea, Sassy. I don’t understand why in the world you would make a toy with a suction… and then have it so easily removed??? So now I am on the hunt for a sold suction cup toy that B can’t toss to the ground… just after he smiles while he dangles it as I kindly tell him “no.” Stinker!!!!

Anyway, if anyone has any suggestions for keeping him occupado in the high chair – please send me a msg or comment me!

Happy Tuesday, everyone. I hope to get pictures uploaded soon as well. Man… I’m so behind!


5 thoughts on “so behind….and toy FAIL

  1. Sorry the toy didn't work out. I don't have any suggestions since Jack hasn't gotten into the toy throwing stage yet. Let me know if you find something that works!So B is crawling now?? That's awesome! Jack is on his way! It's so fun to watch him as he learns this new skill. I'm pretty sure that we will have to grab your button again. When Emily made a new button I had to change the html on my page. I changed my blog title, but my old title still shows up on everyone's blog rolls. I think you'd have to delete it and re-add it. Very annoying!Good luck with unpacking! Oh, and send me your new address. I have a little something to send you. 🙂

  2. Oh, and grabbing your new button (if you decide to get a new one) would be easy enough for everyone to do, so don't let that stop you!

  3. idea for keeping toys stable….duct tape. this works great for using kid's plate and bowls or even paper plates. We put a couple pieces of rolled up duct tape on the bottom of the plates at school when we have a thrower. This really makes it tough for them to yank it – which is no fun to not be able to drop it. No fun=dropping non preferred behavior 🙂 Since the duct tape isn't being used for very long, it doesn't leave any residue to the high chair. Good luck!

  4. Yay for moving! Congrats on the new house! I give Ava a mini sieve and powdered sugar shaker (sans powdered sugar, of course) so I may not be the best source of information on high chair toys 😉

  5. Glad you got moved in ok — moving is such a pain! We have that Sassy toy too, expect ours doesn't have sound (thank goodness!). It lights up and I don't really care how much that runs. Asher hasn't figured out how to pull the toy part off the suction cup yet, but I agree, stupid design because it's only a matter of time before he does.I love the new font and look! Yeah, Rene is right, everyone will have to grab the new button. I've made a couple different buttons over the years and still see my old ones on blogs out there. :o) It's not a big deal, especially if you make an announcement so everyone knows to grab the newest version!

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