Tuesday… and so much to do!

Happy Tuesday, everyone!
The past weekend flew by and it was great to see my little Sis and her Fiancé come into town, but it was a bummer to see them go. And it was a quick trip, too! Friday {very late} until Sunday afternoon. I also learned a new lesson: to always keep a cell phone {we do not have a home landline} by the bed, even on the weekends. Always. They drove into town {from Chitown} and arrived around 12 Midnight but then realized they did not have a key to get into my Parents’ garage. They then drove over to our house but we were in bed and didn’t have our phones nearby. She called/texted multiple times… I guess she even was throwing rocks at our window. Didn’t hear it. I wish they would have rang the doorbell, but she was worried she would wake B. Probably wouldn’t have even phased him! Lesson learned!!!  Saturday was a busy day running around Minneapolis/St. Paul area. We weren’t able to get any pictures in because it was just so hectic, but I think Sis got a lot of venue-viewing in. Hopefully she can get that nailed down and the stress level she’s experiencing will drop dramatically. Then she can focus on the more fun things…details, dress, invites, decorations, favors, cake!!! YAY! I did manage to take a few pics of the lovebirds for our local paper’s announcement. Nothing special since it will be B&W.

Aren’t they so cute? ♥
B started sitting up with NO HANDS supporting him this past Thursday and it is soooo adorable. I can’t believe how fast he’s growing up and how strong that kid is. Seriously. He’s already a brute. 😉 

 Look Ma, No hands! I successfully made my first batch of carrots for B last Sunday. It turned out nicely and he will be trying his first couple cubes tonight! Thank you for all of your wonderful advice on the baby food. I will be looking into what else I can make for him… and also look into purchasing an actual “food processor”. I used my blender, which worked perfectly fine but would like to get an actual processor sometime in the near future. I am going to have a lot more room for things once we move into our new house, too. I am so excited for that BTW! It’s coming soon!  Yesterday morning I brought B into the bathroom to show him just how cute he is… {yes..I do that a lot ;-)} and he gave me a huge smile… showing me his 2 cute little baby teeth on the bottom. Well… I noticed they weren’t all that white..I had to take a closer look. They have black/grey spots on them – front and back!!!! Anyway, I called our Pediatrician’s office and they said to call a Pediatric Dentist. They advised to get a baby toothbrush/finger toothbrush thingy and some non-fluoride baby toothpaste. I picked it up at Target yesterday and we used it last night. I didn’t see any difference… so I think we will have to bring him in to make sure it’s nothing serious. I don’t think it’s decay… I was reading online and there are a couple reasons why this might have happened. Iron deposits or fluoride??? We do give B the Poly-vi-sol multivitamin per Dr’s orders, but I wouldn’t think that would cause this? And I have given him a very small amount of water in his sippy cup to get him used to it {the cup}, but he hasn’t actually drank much of that at all yet. So I’m kind of at a loss, but feel bad because it doesn’t look the best. Poor B. Hopefully we will figure it out soon and he will have his pearly whites back!
Alright, I guess it’s time for me to get back to work….do I have to?
Enjoy some recent pics: 




5 thoughts on “Tuesday… and so much to do!

  1. Such a cutie!!! I hope it's nothing serious with his teeth! I only rinse Saera's off with her wash cloth so I should probably start putting a baby tooth brush to good use.

  2. Gosh he's stinkin cute! Can't help but to smile when you look at him! I hope you get the teeth thing figured out soon…thats interesting. Sounds like your sister got a lot accomplished in a short trip! Cute couple!

  3. Cute pics as always! I especially like the last two. It looks like he is getting ready to crawl! I'm not ready for that quite yet! Let us know how it goes with his teeth. I've never heard of that happening and will be curious to know what the doctor says. I guess I should start doing the washcloth thing with Jack now that he has two teeth.

  4. Great pictures!! I LOVE the one of him sitting up without using his hands!!! Such a big boy 🙂 I do remember reading about the black spots in what to expect the first year. Something about iron and I think I read that it goes away. Let us know what's up though!

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