My new adventure

Well, I am beginning a new adventure… photography on the side !
I took some pictures for some friends of mine and they put it on a social site and had friends of theirs asking where they got them done and now I have a couple prospective “clients”. I can’t wait to book them and get the ball rolling! I have created a photography site (see link on the right or see here) and have ordered biz cards. It may be a bit premature, but I just wanted to make some… 🙂
Anyway, check out the site and comment me! 
Besides that, my little sis got engaged this past weekend and it is such exciting news! So that means we will have 2 weddings to attend to next summer. Our friend from high school is also planning to get married in August of 2011. I am so excited for all of the festivities!!! AND I get to be a bridesmaid for my friend’s wedding!!! Yay Danielle!!! 🙂 I haven’t been asked for my sister’s wedding… but if I’m not asked, that’s okay too… I still get to be her wedding planner. I love to plan things… I had to go to Office Depot at lunch to pickup her wedding binder. It’s purple, her fave color (And probably her wedding colors??) Now I have to figure out how to decorate it, then I am going to send it off to her. Any ideas on decorations?? I am going to definitely use pics of them and incorporate it… I’m thinking a collage with embellishments of some sort. Such fun stuff going on!!!!  Bennett will hopefully be walking by then and we’ll put the little guy in a tux and strut him down the aisle with her Fiance’s little nephew, Liam. Ahhhhhhhhhh ADORABLE is definitely on its way. I can’t wait to take some pics too!!!! I am definitely not going to take on the role of wedding photog, but I will definitely take some fun ones of my own. I need to stick that camera on my neck and get out shooting more… and I need to take some photog classes…and get photoshop and take classes on that too. Man, I have a lot to do! Oh yeah, and some laundry. I hate laundry. 
Anyway, so I will try to blog as much as I can… but I will be busy busy busy!!! 



4 thoughts on “My new adventure

  1. Congrats and best wishes on your future in photography. Your wonderful, so I know you will do great! I also need photoshop tutorials. We have it on our computer, but I feel sooooo lost when I try and use it.

  2. Wow congrats and good luck. I know you'll be great!! And I'm sure it'll be nice to make some extra money while doing something you love. Keep us posted as much as you can!!

  3. That's amazing news! Congratulations! I definitely would hire you to take pics of Ava if you were in the area!To answer your question – I'm a nanny 🙂 That's why I'm able to have little A with me all the time. I love my job, though I love it more on Mondays than Fridays when I've had three little girls ALL. WEEK. LONG. 😉

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