6 Months Today!!

My big boy turned 1/2 a year this morning at 12:19AM! I can hardly believe it’s been that long since he came into, and bettered, our lives. It’s been amazing and I try to cherish every single second we have with our little blessing.We had his 6 month appointment this afternoon and the stats are in!
Bennett is 27.5″ tall (75-90%)He is 17 lbs 7 oz. (50-75%)His head is 43 cm (25-50%)
He is a growing boy and my back has definitely noticed!!!The Dr. said he looks really good and really healthy. Yay!!!He had to have an oral vaccine and 3 shots. Poor baby! He cried real tears, and he cried so hard that he got that spasmic noise when you gasp for air. I hate that… and it’s hard to get rid of. Poor thing. But Daddy got him laughing within minutes of the shots. It’s still so difficult to watch. Just have to keep in mind it’s the best for baby!
Bennett has been eating solids for a while now. He is becoming a real champ at it. He has eaten rice cereal mixed with sweet potatoes, bananas, carrots, apples, pears, and most recently peas. He seems to like the peas even though Mommy hates the things and Daddy’s not a true fan either…oh, and the smell itself nearly makes me gag. We don’t let B know what we think, though. He should learn to love them as they are good for him! 
He hasn’t said anymore words besides the “Momma” on my birthday. He does do a lot of screaming and grunting and yelling. I can’t wait until those noises form into little words… actually yes, I can wait.He has also conquered the fake cough noise… (thank you Grandpa & Grandma Steffl! :-P)
He rolls over like he’s been doing it for years and is definitely trying to crawl. If we didn’t have blankets down on the floor, he’d be scooting like no other. Once we move into the new house, we are definitely going to have to childproof it!!! Pretty soon my baby will be a toddler. !!!!
He is wearing 3-6 or 6 Mo. clothing, and he wears it all quite handsomely. :)Poor thing barely has any toys…(joke!!!) so we got him a Fisher Price jumperoo for his half birthday. 

I was going to buy it at Babies R Us, but they only had it online and it wasn’t even in stock. I found it on Amazon for nearly half the price! I also ordered him the Sophie the Giraffe. Can’t wait for him to get that!
He is the twinkle in my eye and I love him like I never thought I could.Happy Half Birthday, Bennett!!!! We love you very, very, VERY, very, very (ok, I could go on forever…) much!!!!


4 thoughts on “6 Months Today!!

  1. Happy 1/2 year birthday B man!! It's gone by so fast. I'm glad the appointment is over and everything is good. We go for ours next Wednesday. I love that little fake cough too. Jack has been doing it forever, but that's probably because I clear my throat a lot and he's imitating what he hears! It's too cute. 🙂

  2. Happy half birthday, Bennett! I can't believe in six more months we'll all be throwing first birthday parties! How did THAT happen???He's so handsome!

  3. Happy 6 months, little B! He is one long baby. Does he take after you or his Daddy? I hope he gets a kick out of the Jumperoo. Everett has the same one and goes to town on it! (Btw, I'm really not a good cook. I try to be but sometimes, I fail. :p ).

  4. Happy half birthday, little man! Presley has also mastered the fake cough. It cracks me up:) Ughh…Chuck E Cheese is awful, lol! Unfortunately, we have one within walking distance from our house.

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