Yesterday was my birthday. I turned 28 24 and I feel great. 😉
We are in the process of packing up stuff and cleaning our house to try and get it rented by July 1st, so we did spend most of the day yesterday doing that. I didn’t mind though because I want to get it all done and there is literally no time to do it on the weekdays. We got a lot done and took a fully packed truckload over to my parents’. If we find renters for July, we’ll be staying with them for that month until we close on the 29th.
I am so excited to move, you have no idea!!!! To have a home and yard of our own!!! Oh.. and Lexxi, our dog, is pumped as well. 🙂
The best part of my birthday was last night… when we were feeding B. He was having a little rice cereal and apples and was pretty tired so not the happiest baby. Just a little bit fussy, a little bit whiny, but he was still eating like a champ. Towards the end of the feeding, he said a word… a real word, clear as day. He said “Momma”!!!! OMG, it just melted my heart and tears formed immediately. This was his Birthday present for me. 🙂 Patrick and my Mom heard it as well… and it could not be interpreted as anything other than simply that…Momma. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! I’m sure it was a fluke, but it was wonderful and the best birthday present ever. Can’t wait to hear more from that sweet little mouth!
I attempted to take more pictures of B in his Baptism outfit. Uh yeah… he has turned into such a squirmy worm that it didn’t work out like I had hoped. Can’t always expect him to sit still for Mommy’s photo sessions. He is so very active and busy!!! Between laundry and more cleaning tonight, I will try to go through the latest pics on my camera…. I am going through picture withdrawals!!!
Hope you all had a great weekend!!!



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  1. Aw. Happy Birthday! What a great present! Im sure he will be saying it more often now! Its so fun to hear them start talking. Ethan babbles non stop it seems. Haha. Congrats again on the house. I hope the month flies by for you!

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