I love long weekends… but 3 days flew by so quickly…boo!I absolutely love having extra time with B and it’s tough come the morning I have to part with him once again. I look forward to seeing that smiley face as soon as I get home! It would be nice to have no errands to run, no laundry to do, no crap to clean up…then I would have all the time in the world simply to play with my baby boy. Oh well!!! So is life….
We took Bennett to a car dealership on Saturday as both of our vehicles needed an oil change pretty badly. He was a perfect little baby the entire time. They also have a really nice waiting area and there were 2 other children there so we didn’t feel like we were out of place. We got home and started to pack up for a stay at G&G Steffl’s. We were there until yesterday evening, after dinner. It’s always nice to have a couple extra pair of hands to help with B, and I know they love to spend time with him!!! Sometimes I wonder if we are overstaying our welcome, but I will wait for them to tell me to go the F home. 😉
We had a pretty low-key weekend. It consisted of a few photo shoots (of course!), lots of milk and lots of cereal and bananas were the added fruit this week. We are going to be quite busy this weekend with his Baptism on Saturday and my little Sister & her BF coming in for that on Friday, along with lots of preparation Fri/Sat morning. Then Sunday we are celebrating lots…. my little Sister’s Bday (which is actually tomorrow), my birthday (June 13th), her BF’s bday, Father’s Day and my parent’s anniversary…. WOW..oh, and can’t forget… B’s half-birthday. 🙂 I look forward to this exciting time!!!  Bennett is really moving these days… he is a super-scooter and is very close to actually crawling. Yes, crawling!!! He is so cute I can hardly stand it… I love LOVE love that smiling face!!!! Hope you all had a wonderful long weekend!!!!



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  1. He is so freaking cute! I'm glad you enjoyed your weekend. It is really nice having extra time at home with the babies. I'm counting down the days until the next 3-day weekend- 4th of July! I can't believe he's almost crawling! They're getting so big so quickly! You said it best- it's very bittersweet. Have a great week and weekend and enjoy B's baptism!

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