Yesterday we tried sweet potatoes for the first time. 
Bennett didn’t really care for them…. Bummer.
We are going to try again tonight!!! Let’s hope that he likes them more the 2nd time around! 
I really need to take some pics of the actual process sometime soon… he makes some funny faces. Funny meaning “I’m completely disgusted!” faces. 
I also need to get a session for his 5 month pictures in this weekend. It’s tough to get them done during the night as the sunshine is limited and it’s pretty late by the time we get dinner done and I get home from the gym, etc. The days need to be extended!!!
I am so thankful that it’s Friday again… I am definitely looking forward to the weekend and getting more time with B. 
I hit up a garage sale today at lunchtime and got some good stuff!!! 2 grocery bags full for $21.50 including a pair of Silver jeans for Mommy. Gotta love that. I ♥ garage sales!!!! The weather has been super nice around here lately and I think that has led to more sales. I can’t complain, but I can complain I don’t have enough time at lunch to hit all of them. Boo.
We all know that babies require all sorts of gear… and I believe the next big ticket items that we will be purchasing will be a car seat and a high chair. Probably more like high chair first, then car seat when he grows out of his infant one. So I was wondering…. which ones have you already chosen, or which ones are you thinking of choosing for your precious cargo???



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  1. We have a chair that latches onto one of our dining room chairs. It's nice, but we both think that 'next time' we will go for the stand alone. It would be easier when guests are over.

  2. I'm shopping for a high chair tomorrow! As for the convertible car seat, we have a Britax Roundabout and LOVE it! It's good for smaller cars which is what I have. Jack looks comfy in it and very secure. It also has a button you push that releases the straps. So easy and convenient! This seat looks A LOT more safe, secure, and comfortable than our Graco snugride. I wish I had just gotten this one from the beginning. Oh well, you live and learn!!Horray for yard sales. I went a couple Saturdays ago and got 2 big bags full of clothes for Jack (all in the next size) for $30! Can't beat it! 🙂

  3. Our next big purchase is also a high chair! We were looking at the fischer price space saver (it had great reviews in the baby budget book.) I would love a stand alone one but they are so expensive! Our infant car seat goes up to 22 pounds or something crazy so we're not going to get a car seat until over a year at least, if not longer. Plus, Lillian is so small that she's look even smaller in a bigger car seat!

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