Almost 5 months old…

Bennett is almost 5 months old!!! Uff da!!!! Tuesday is the big day, and I can hardly believe it!We had a good weekend. I love spending time with him!Today we went to the park, Bennett’s 2nd visit. He loves the outdoors. He was amazed with the leaves on the tree overhead and just stared in awe. I love to watch him discover new things and wonder what his little mind is thinking. We have been working on the solids, but it’s not going the best. Bennett hates the taste of the brown rice cereal that we have… even with pear mixed in, he is not quite a fan…but we are still working on it. Today he kicked the bowl off the couch… signaling he was done. haha. Stinker. His Baptism is going to come fast, so I need to get going on planning the details. I love to plan parties, so it will be enjoyable for me! We will also be having a 1/2 year birthday party for my little guy while my Sister & her boyfriend are home. Can’t wait!!! Cake and Party hats for sure. :)Bennett is growing so fast and changing every day. He is so strong now and I can’t get enough of him. He smiles almost nonstop and it melts my heart every time. I saw a little boy get on a school bus the other day and it brought tears to my eyes. I’m such a sap. Just thinking about Bennett going off to school makes me teary…!!! Not my baby!!!! hahahaAlright, it’s about time for Mommy to pump and then it’s off to bed. He’s been sleeping better at night, so here’s to another full night’s rest!!! 



4 thoughts on “Almost 5 months old…

  1. I love the picture! Adelle likes to be outside too but doesn't like the sun yet. She'll learn! I can't believe how strong Adelle is either – almost super human! I sometimes feel like I'm going to break her little fingers.

  2. It's going by so fast! Happy almost 5 months! I've heard that it takes time for babies to get used to solids. They've had only milk for so long and they don't know that they are supposed to swallow this weird mush being put in their mouth! I would keep trying a little bit every couple days. That's one reason we're starting at 5 months- I want to ease Jack into solids and get him used to rice/oatmeal and then start veggies around 6 months. I'm sure with a little time and some practice, B will love it! Good luck!

  3. Happy nearly five months! Solids – how exciting! I can't wait to start Ava! He'll get used to it – babies always have to fight the urge to thrust their tongue at first which makes for an interesting (and messy!) time!

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