I know most people have their babies baptized very soon after they are born. I didn’t know the exact details about all this stuff, so we are in the midst of planning it now. The date has been set for June 5th and we are excited! I sent out the invitations today and should hopefully be getting some RSVP phone calls in due time. ( I learned, the hard way, via our wedding that RSVPing is nearly impossible for some people )I seriously love to plan parties/get-togethers, so I am enjoying planning the menu, designing the cake and all the fun stuff. We are going to be having it at my Parents’ house and hopefully the weather will cooperate so that we can mingle outdoors. We will also be planting a tree for B on that day…which was a wonderful idea (thank you G&G Steffl!)  Take a gander at the invitation I did on

I love how it turned out… it’s on a matte cardstock. I was so happy with the end product!I also ordered a photobook from their site and was pleased with it as well. It is a super easy way to compile pictures into a hardcover book. I chose not to do a lot of captioning, but that was purely a choice. 
I think I also found a dress for this occasion, just need to find accessories – necklace, sweater/shrug, shoes!!! Fun stuff!!!Photobucket


2 thoughts on “Baptism!

  1. The car seat toy came from the baby section in Target. It was right where you find the rattles, teethers, and other "little baby" toys.

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