I originally told myself that I would wait until 6 months to give Bennett cereal/”solid foods”. But after our 4 mo. appointment and the Dr mentioning that we can start anytime, I definitely was intrigued. I knew at that point in time that Bennett wasn’t ready. He couldn’t sit up with support even, his head was still quite bobblehead-like. He now sits up like a big boy (with support) and doesn’t bobblehead nearly as much as he used to. I decided to see if he would react to a spoon… so I grabbed one of my spoons that I had been using and put it in front of him … he leaned towards it with an open mouth. He wants it! Patrick was not so sure… he said sure, he’d do that with anything you put in front of him because he does put everything he possibly can in his mouth. So I grabbed a nearby envelope…nothing. Grabbed my phone… nothing. He knows the difference between a spoon and an envelope!! My boy is so smart. Haha.  So anyway, I decided we would try to start with some cereal since he is almost 5 months old now. *tear* Needless to say, the directions on the package are strange that they create a very liquidy “solid”..actually, I’m not even sure you could consider it a “solid”, but we tried it with a spoon anyway, this was on Friday. I don’t think he cared too much for the taste, but that did not deter us and we tried again on Saturday – this time I made it a little thicker. It wasn’t a total wash… he did get some down, I think, but we always followed up with a bottle like usual. He definitely is better with the bottle, but we will continue to work on the spoon eating! Patrick was funny, he said, “So this is what a bib is for.” Yes, definitely what a bib is for. He probably has no idea what’s coming… thrown food, spit food, food all over the face, floor, bib, table, US.It will be so much fun! Photobucket


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  1. I agree that the directions seem a little weird and you're basically feeding them liquid. I bought a box of Earth's Best rice cereal to have on hand. I can't believe you don't even need to cook it! I'm looking forward to try it out with Jack in a couple of weeks, but I'm sure he won't get much down in the beginning. It'll take some time for them to get used to it, but it's the beginning of a fun journey! 🙂

  2. Lol. I remember thinking "this is suposed to be a solid?" with my oldest. I agree wierd directions! We are gonna wait until 6 months…but I like the spoon idea. Maybe I should give Ethan a spoon and experiment before we start. It is such a fun adventure! Your hubby is totally going to love it…mess and all 🙂

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