4 Month Appointment – Check!

Bennett had his 4 month Well Child appointment yesterday afternoon. Originally, Patrick was going to be taking him on his own as I don’t get as much time off nor the flexibility that he has. But on my drive into work, I was struggling with the idea of not being there to console him after his shots!!! So I decided to take a half day and be there for my little guy… and to meet the new Dr and check out the new clinic. The Dr was good, I liked how he was with Bennett and how he was verbally telling us things as he would check him over. He seemed very smart and knew what he was talking about. He was friendly and all that good stuff. This clinic sees kids from birth to 23 years of age, so I want to find Bennett a good male Dr. I think we found one. 🙂
At his appointment, he was 15 lbs .85 oz and 25.5″ tall. What a big boy!!! I must say it wasn’t as big of a growth spurt as he had at the last appointment, but he is still growing and is still above average for his age group.The shots were the last part of the appointment and the most dreaded part for all of us. But this time it went a lot better than last time and he was smiling by the time we made it into the waiting room to get him ready to go home. Smiling!!! I was so relieved… and we chose not to give him any sort of Tylenol before the appt either. And he was fine the rest of the night as well – we even went on a walk around the block with him and he was having a blast, so smiley!!! Back to his smiley self and I loved it. Photobucket


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