I’ve been naughty…

I haven’t posted on here for a while and I feel behind!!! I hate that feeling.

Anyway, it feels like it’s been a while but in actuality looks like it’s only been about a week. Wow.

This is my 2nd week back to work and while I’m here I don’t mind it so much, but I do miss B a lot! Especially today, after the weekend, it was difficult watching him pack up and leave me again but I am hoping that this will get better over time.

I didn’t get a chance to post any pics of the cute cute cute idea that I borrowed from here.

Here are a couple from our 10 & 11 week ‘sessions’. 😉 I like to pretend that I am a photographer….someday, someday. I love to take pictures… and absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE to take pictures of my little guy. I am obsessed!

Anyway, check ’em out. There are lots more on my pics page too.

I absolutely ♥ the adorable block idea…. Thanks again, Rene!!! 
Patrick & I are also in the midst of doing a little arts & crafts project with little B’s hands & feet. I saw a kit that you can purchase online of 4 canvases, all painted different colors and then it comes with white paint that you can use to put a print of your little one’s hands and feet onto the canvases. I decided I would do this on our own with the help of our local Michael’s store. I picked up the paint and canvases this past weekend, they are all painted, dried and ready to go. Maybe we’ll get them printed tonight. We need to not procrastinate too long since he is growing soooooooooooooo  quickly!!! He is getting to be almost 3 months old. WOW. My baby is no longer a full out newborn. I look at pictures and think…where is my little guy???

2 thoughts on “I’ve been naughty…

  1. Great pics with the blocks! I love it! I joined a group for new moms on meetup.com. The playdate was one of the group's events. It's been great to meet other first time moms. You should see if there is a similar group in your area. And good luck with the hand and feet prints. I did Jack's feet on my own. It'd be better to have 2 people though since they're so squirmy. I couldn't get his hands though!

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