Shots-done. Happy 10 weeks today !!!

We made it through our first round of shots yesterday evening. Bennett had his 2 month appointment last night and he had to have 1 oral and 3 pricks in his poor little thighs. Thank goodness for my wonderful husband, Patrick!!! He was there and was the one that was up close and personal while it went down. I just couldn’t bear it! I was in the room though, and I did somewhat see it although I was trying my best not to. I hate needles and I hate the idea of hurting my little guy. It was really hard to watch, even from a distance. Patrick said his face immediately turned dark red. Poor baby!!!! He cried hard but soon fell asleep. I felt so bad for him and still do this morning. We need to do our best that we can to keep him healthy and unfortunately you can’t do that with just love. I was sooooooo thankful to see him smile this morning. He forgives me. 🙂

On an updated note…
Bennett weighed in at 12 lbs. 14 oz. (70%)
He measured 24.5″ tall! (90%!!!)
.. and his head was 15.75″ (43%)

I can’t believe he is almost 13 lbs. What a little chunker!! J/k He’s really not that chunky, he’s just really enjoying momma’s milk. 🙂 Makes it all worthwhile to hear that he is a healthy baby boy!!!
He keeps measuring tall… which is interesting for us because neither my Husband nor myself are all that tall ourselves, so we will see how that all pans out. Did we make an NBA player? hahaha
Also glad to see that he is not following in his parents’ footsteps of having a huge head… !! 😉

Bennett is growing so fast, he is my big boy now!!! 10 weeks old today!!!
Grandma Mary took the day off from work to spend with us as this is also my last day before I return from maternity leave. *tear*


2 thoughts on “Shots-done. Happy 10 weeks today !!!

  1. Happy 10 weeks! Doesn't it feel like it's just flown by?? Enjoy your last day of maternity leave. I have 2 weeks left and it's killing me! Is Bennett going to daycare? Please use the block idea! I stole it from another blogger and it's too cute!

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