8 Weeks. Belated b/c I’m a bad Momma. :-P

Last Friday, February 12th, Bennett turned 8 weeks old!!!! I do have a bit of an excuse though, for not posting on his milestone day… our internet here at home went down in the afternoon and really, it wasn’t even supposed to be up again until tomorrow. We have a technician coming out in the morning but it miraculously started working this evening. It was a very pleasant surprise.

Our little guy is growing so fast!!! He is our big boy! Bennett is getting stronger all the time. He is holding his head up a lot more now and his movements are a lot less jerky, and more smooth. He is smiling more and more and melting our hearts every single day. We still haven’t heard him laugh while awake but the sleep giggling is to die for! He LOVES his simple toys like the off-white bear mobile that hangs above his bassinet. He is such a wonderful baby and his Daddy & I love him more and more… just when you think you can’t possibly love him any more. He is pretty much grown out of all of his NB clothes now even though we squeezed him into his little NB size VDay outfit because Momma didn’t think ahead. Oops!!! Anyway, HAPPY 8 WEEKS BABY BOY! xoxoxoxo


4 thoughts on “8 Weeks. Belated b/c I’m a bad Momma. :-P

  1. Happy 8 weeks! It sounds like you guys had a fabulous Valentine's! Jack's Vday outfit was 0-3 months size but for St. Pats and Easter (just bought yesterday from Target, or course!) I got him the 3-6 months size. He is wearing some of his 0-3 still but he has started wearing 3-6 month sleepers and onesies. We go to the docs next week so I'll get to see how big this guy is!

  2. Woops! I accidentally posted before I could finish. I do a lot of photo editing on picnik.com. There is a little link that says collage and it will give you lots of options. I use the free version, but the premium has some really cool stuff. Also, I love your blog background. Where did you get it?

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