"Roughing It"

Last year we went camping at a location Patrick goes hunting at with his Dad and other men every year. It was awesome! It’s up north and I’m not even too sure where it is exactly ( I never pay attention as a passenger ). There were no porta-potties. There was nothing but woods, grass, and hard land. It was so awesome!! I loved foraging the land for wood and food. LOL j/k, we did bring our own food. But it was so much fun I definitely wanted to start to make it an annual trip. This year we were a little hesitant at first because of my being ‘with child’. We didn’t know what a possible tick bite would do to me or baby and we weren’t sure about Deet and all that good stuff. We spoke with the Doc and she said do it! I was glad to get the go ahead. We were going to go a couple of weeks ago but the weather was not cooperating with us at all. I really wanted to go but didn’t want to spend the entire time sopping wet and miserable, stuck in our tent or in the truck. No fun! So we decided to wait a little bit and see how the weather looked for this Labor Day weekend. Having checked Weather.com , it looks like a great weekend to go… and fish!!! There is a small lake up there we take our smaller boat out on and it’s sooooooooo serene and awesome. It’s private and last year we were the only ones on there, and I absolutely LOVE that. Watching deer drink from the shore and catching good-sized bass with bucket mouths….wow, absolutely awesome. Add Patrick…and it’s heaven. I couldn’t ask for a better vacation right now… it’s just what we all need. Patrick, Baby, and me. 🙂


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