Off by a minute, or two..

So on my typical drive in to work this morning, I was about a minute or two behind an accident that involved 8-10 cars and 1 large truck. I have never actually seen an accident happen so close to me before. It was very scary!!! It is particularly scary to think… what if I were just a minute or two ahead of where I am now. That could have been me. That is totally freaks me out! I hate those ‘Final Destination’ movies, but I definitely thought of that. I don’t believe I escaped death by any means, and I don’t believe that it will come after you if you were to “cheat” it, either. It just flashed through my mind, especially since there was a larger truck involved. It also makes me think of one of my favorite books of all time – ‘The Five People You Meet In Heaven’ and how everyone’s lives are intertwined, whether we are aware of it or not. Our lives with the stranger next to us on the bus, the strange lady that passes you on the road, the teenager that’s texting on the freeway. Scary, huh??? Scary, but quite interesting!!!! If you haven’t read that book. Read it. It’s a quick and easy read… and makes you think, and feel.


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