The Time Traveler’s Wife

I just finished reading ‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’ last night. I bawled my way through the last couple of chapters. I am not sure what I think of it and am looking forward to seeing how they adapt for the movie-version. I first decided to read this book because I saw the preview for the movie and noticed it was based on this “National Bestseller”. I am not the fastest reader, by any means. But I was determined to finish this book within a reasonable amount of time. One of the reasons is because it was due about a week ago and I couldn’t renew it as I’m sure someone else has already reserved it. I will return it shortly and pay the fine, I needed to finish it! I kept imagining Rachel Adams as Clare (whom I love!) and I think that helped me keep interest in the very complicated plotline. It skips around, obviously, as it is about a time traveling person. It’s a little strange as this man falls in love with a girl when she is only 6 years old. But I suppose it’s not in a perverted way… still strange. The end is heartwrenching, along with a couple of other parts in the middle of the book. I hope the movie takes a little lighter twist on the book, but we shall see!

I am going to start to read more books that people have suggested to me shortly. I am trying to read more and watch TV less. 🙂


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