Complaint: I wanna be a SAHM.

So I’m part of the community on I enjoy reading and commenting on the forums and hearing what other women that are going through the same stuff as I am have to share. There are also a lot of little abbreviations for words. Like SAHM = Stay At Home Mom, LO = Little One, DH = Devoted Husband or Dear Husband, AF = Aunt Flo (haha), etc. I wish that my DH and I could afford for me to be a SAHM. I don’t know how so many people can do that so easily? I don’t think we’re even in that bad of a spot right now it’s just there’s no way we could live on a single person’s salary at this point in our lives. But that’s okay and I am handling it. But that said that means that we will have to find a daycare that we feel comfortable with that we can also afford. It’s going to be an interesting process, especially since our first venture was so successful (not!). But I guess it’s all part of life with a baby.


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