My level of annoyance has indefinitely gone UP

I feel like everything that ever irritated me before I was pregnant has been magnified by at least 10x. Which also means little things that didn’t really irritate me before are starting to now! I try to pretend like everything’s okay, everything’s cool and little things don’t bother me. But they do!!!! They do!!! And it’s hard to pretend like they don’t! I have learned to try to remember Patrick’s the absolutely best Husband in the world when the tiniest thing bugs me about him. It’s soooo tough sometimes, but I really do try. There doesn’t even have to be any reason to be annoyed and I can find one. Believe me, I can find one. Haha.

Let’s see, what else has changed for me in the past 21 weeks. I have become a total klutz! I knock over glasses of water, drop crap on the floor, knock this over, knock that over…ugh. It’s frustrating too!!! Oh and last night I swore I had a movie in the pile of movies we have but we couldn’t, for the life of us, find it. It seriously is like it disappeared into absolute thin air. What gives?! I have heard about going a little brain-dead while pregnant, but really..? Wow.

We had lunch brought in from Leann Chin today for August Birthday lunches. It was pretty good but it was so filling!! And then of course there was cake. And of course then I ate that cake. Red velvet cake, to be exact. That crap was good. But now I can’t move, I can’t breathe, nor do I want to do either of those things, well – I guess I want to breathe, but I do not want to move!!! I just want to go home, cuddle up with my beloved C-Noodle, and chill with Lexxi and Bent. Is that so much to ask?


One thought on “My level of annoyance has indefinitely gone UP

  1. I totally agree about the klutz thing! I keep dropping things, knocking stuff over, breaking all kinds of things — this never used to happen to me! Hopefully our coordination comes back after the baby is born!

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