Smooth Away Results are In!

After hearing on our local radio show that the Smooth Away hair removal “system” was a true working product, I had to try it. Especially since it was a whopping $9.99 at Target. I purchased it a few days ago but just got a chance to crack it open and try it out this morning before work. I was hoping it worked since I had planned on wearing capri-ish jeans to work and didn’t have a chance to shave in the shower. So I opened it up, followed the directions (because I didn’t want to end up with nasty skin) and started “smoothing away”. It works! I haven’t decided if it’s actually more beneficial or works faster and/or better than actual shaving… but it does “smooth away” the hair. I used it on my legs and it was a little difficult to get towards the way bottom with the larger pad, so I did have to use the smaller one more towards my ankles but it did work. I wouldn’t say I am disappointed in my purchase of this product, but I will have to use it a few more times to decide if it is truly worth the $9.99. Some may call me “cheap”, some may call me “frugal”. I’m probably both of those, in my own right and way. But, I just consider myself a “smart shopper”. I’m not going to buy anything just to have it, like this product. But if it works and can replace my typical shaving routine in a better way or more efficiently, I will continue to purchase this product. Stay tuned.


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