Over the halfway mark. Woohoo for us!

I am anxiously awaiting to feel a “kick” that is indefinitely Baby. But it hasn’t happened yet but I am hopeful it will be soon!!!

Patrick & I have been the typical expectant parents. We’ve been following a timeline that I found on TheBump.com and trying to check things off the list as they arrive. We decided to look into childcare options, per the checklist, and I received a recommendation for one in St. Michael from my Dental Hygienist. Patrick called her, spoke with her, and arranged for an appt. for us to meet her and see her “daycare” (in-home) last night. We rang her doorbell maybe a few minutes before 7pm (when our appt. was for) and a little girl answers the door. She then opens the door wider where her Mother sits on the computer with some sort of heating pad stuck to the back of her neck. You could tell she was confused and didn’t know why we were standing in her doorway. Turns out she thought they had scheduled it for Thursday, not Tuesday. She was flustered and the house was dirty, er… cluttered. And this was just a quick glance from the front door. And a dog runs out of the door too… a larger dog. As we walk back to the car, I look back at Patrick wondering if there was a chance he had misunderstood the appt. date. He knew what I was asking with just a look and shook his head, “No.” Good thing we have 5 pages of licensed daycares just in our little town of St. Michael, because that’s going to be an immediate NO.

There are all sorts of other things on this checklist and the one that I printed is not even that detailed. I am especially looking forward to the nursery and those little things. The actual physical preparation for the Baby. We have our follow-up ultrasound on August 20th. I literally cannot wait for that day to come. And I’m hoping our little one will cooperate more than he/she did last time!


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