I have been waiting for my little belly to “pop”!!! Still waiting! I feel like I’m still a walking blob, so that pretty much sucks. Getting better at wrapping my head around this whole growing belly thing, but still tough for me. I am hoping that I begin to look more pregnant soon… because this whole in-between time is kinda frustrating!! Grow, little one, grow!!! 🙂

We had our last appointment at 17 weeks. Heard the heartbeat again, this time it was 150 bpm, whereas last time it was 159 at our 13 week appointment. The Dr. said it will continue to drop, if it’s a boy. 😉 heh. I really think it is, but we won’t be able to see until July 23rd! I cannot wait!!! I am so excited to start buying things for this little boy/girl and start thinking about getting the nursery together. Wow…. just saying that is making this seem that much more real. I think I’m still in awe that we are going through this… so crazy!

I still haven’t felt any movement, which I keep hearing will help to make it even more real. I think sometimes I feel something but I’m still not sure. That will be so crazy wonderful to feel… so many things to look forward to. The time cannot pass fast enough. But at the same time, I’m kind of realizing that our lives are going to change forever after this little one arrives. That kind of freaks me out a little bit. But we’ll figure it out and it will be worth it. Definitely an adjustment though!

I guess we still haven’t told most of our friends. We haven’t seen a lot of them for a while now and just haven’t had a chance to share the news. We have a couple of weddings to attend at the end of the summer and I’m sure I won’t be able to hide or camouflage anything at that point. Actually looking forward to that and hoping people will notice that I am pregnant and not just fat. 😛

We have a trip to Duluth coming up at the end of this month with another couple. It should be a good time and a great opportunity to take some fun pictures with my neglected camera. 🙂


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