Spring Fever

I officially have Spring Fever!!! The sun is out and I want it to be warm!!!! But it is only 21 out. Buzzkill.

I have realized I have a pretty addictive personality. Why? Because I am addicted to Twitter and Facebook and now…my newest addiction – Blip.fm. It’s a pretty cool site actually. Check it out.

I have also realized I’m probably pretty annoying to follow on Twitter. Oh well… it is what it is. Hahahaha I don’t have to follow myself. 😉

This weekend we have a family wedding in Iowa. It should be a good time. I do love weddings. I’m bringing my big camera, so hopefully I will take some fun pictures. I haven’t been on a road trip with my family (minus one sister) for a long-ass time. Should be interesting!!! I think I will sleep for a majority of it. Stay posted for some pictures. I need to get out and use my camera more…..

I can’t wait for the weather to shape up – grilling, walks, parks, fishing!!! AHHHHHHHHHH


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