So I have been twittering so damn much that I don’t even feel the need to blog anymore. Especially since my twitters go right up on here… and oh yeah, there’s that whole part about no one actually reading this. LoL. Oh well, it’s kind of therapeutic to be able to write about whatever the hell I want to – and on my own blog and on my own domain (rerouted, of course) Ian, we need to work on that! đŸ™‚ Anyway… I am at work again. It’s a full week for me (which I haven’t had in a while b/c I’ve been spoiled) and I am hoping this week flies by. So far, it hasn’t been going too quickly for me. Not quickly enough, at least!!! But then again, I was hoping I would somehow blackout and get all my shipping and crap done and then once I snapped out of it, I would glance at the clock and it would magically be 530. Haha.. Yes, I am a freak.

So I am sitting here listening to a couple of people “talk” about some really stupid shit. Evidently they can’t use IM because they’re older and don’t type that fast – but whatever the case may be, they won’t stfu. I can hardly stand it. They both talk to each other out of boredom, out of the fact that they are both facing each other and each one in their own right loves to hear they’re correct and that makes me sick. Yeah, I like to be right, but these two… wow. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


The weather is weird. It was really windy all weekend long which made it hard to get out fishing – but we finally did yesterday and it was okay. It was pretty windy and kinda chilly… but we did get out and that was the most important part! We caught a few, mainly baby panfish. Wait, that’s all we caught. LoL. I don’t know where the larger fish were, but I was getting pissed off. Next time I’m bringing better bait too!!! Haha.

It’s amazing how busy life gets. I can’t imagine how some people do it when they have loads and loads of friends. We don’t have an extremely large amount of friends, but our life gets so busy sometimes! We got shit goin’ on left and right and I can’t imagine how people do it with kids. Wow. It’s already May 19th. I can hardly believe that. My birthday is going to be here before I can get it figured out! Liz will be home from Sweden soon too… wow. Life does go fast. I guess you can’t blink…..


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