It is Wednesday and the sun is shining! And it’s a GORGEOUS day out and it feels great! Yesterday was kind of a downer day. It was soo busy and the weather was dreary and I was definitely crabby. But today is a new day and I feel good today. I have an Optometry appt today after work just so the doc can look at my eyes and make sure everything’s ok with the contacts. And then we are going to get some errands done in MG. Easter is coming which means the Easter Bunny needs to do a little shopping!

I have Spring Fever like crazy. I want it to be Spring – consistently… like now. I want it to be warm enough for the lakes to thaw and for me to get out on that lake and fish! I can’t wait. Seriously, I have grown to love fishing. It’s so awesome !!!! And I’m gonna catch a monster this summer, I know it!!! πŸ˜€

Bored today. Yesterday was busier than F, but today is definitely a lot slower. 1/2 of my guys are out for misc. reasons and the ones that are left aren’t the biggest sellers. LoL. But it’s kind of nice to have some downtime… to relax and reflect and be lazy. πŸ˜›

Sarah got a new job and has resigned from her now crappy job. Yay!!! Congrats Sarah! You go girl. Cheesecake Factory? NOT fair. Speaking of, I think we need to go there sometime – I think we have to wait until Liz gets home though, so maybe next weekend because I believe she and Mike are going to make their way to MN.

Let’s see… oh, Macy’s is having a sale today. Len took me along with her and it was a somewhat successful trip. I got a winter coat for 30.00 (85% off!!!) and a dress and a nice spring/summer shirt. We can’t wear short sleeves until May, but that’s okay. It’s still cute. I need work clothes like I need air. It’s all I ever buy really anymore… sad, but true.

Okay, back to the “grind”.


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