Cleaning Sucks.

Today has been a cleaning day, from about a 1/2 hour after we got up this morning and a break for dinner and then a movie. But other than that, our day has been full of all-out cleaning. I’m not talking about the little dusting and vacuuming here and there… I am talking about sorting out and throwing things away sort of cleaning. I haven’t even gotten to the easy dusting and vacuuming part of it all. Geez… we are going to have a garage sale in the Spring and it’s going to be huge!!! Haha. We have a lot of shit and I am sick of it. We keep getting more and more shit and there’s no more room!!! So this day has been a long time coming. We’re still not done…. and I am pretty sure we don’t have a bed to sleep on at this very moment…. because there’s clothes all over it. LoL. They say though… it should get worse before it gets better…. isn’t that right? Please tell me it is!!!

Anyway, Sarah got a sweet new ride today. Congratulations Sarah!!! Go beamer!

Uh… I guess Liz went to see Mike in Wisconsin for New Years. I kept thinking and feeling like it was Sunday today. So now it is almost Sunday and I kind of feel like I should be getting up to go to work. I actually had that feeling this morning… I felt like I should be getting up for work and that was so awesome to then realize no… you can sleep in as late as you want. Unfortunately, I couldn’t really fall asleep after Bentley kept meowing and whining and then playing with a toy right outside the bedroom door. So… I think we got up around 730 this morning. Yeah… that sucks.

I am excited for New Years… It will be fun!!

We watched “Live Free or Die Hard” tonight with THE MAN Bruce Willis. Yes, he is the man… and not sure why Demi Moore would ever leave THE MAN Bruce Willis. LoL. He may be older, but he’s got a lot more MAN about him than Ashton Kutcher does. It was good!!! I would recommend it. Anika gives it 2 thumbs up!!!

Ok, time for bed I think. Goodnight!!!! Time to sleep on some heaps of clothes. 😉


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