Are we done yet?

Geez, this day needs to be over already! I am happy it’s Friday but want the work day to be done with. Ann’s out again today and it just sucks when she’s gone. Mainly because I have to be stuck shipping with Loupes. Ugh… life can’t get much worse, not sure how her husband does it. It sounds mean but if you only knew this person, you would be agreeing with me!

We have a lot of things to do this weekend! Our weekends are getting very busy now until New Years now… crazy!!!! We are going to go horseback riding on Sunday! Yay!!! And it’s supposed to be absolutely gorgeous out as well. High of 57?! Wow! It was snowing a little bit this morning but it’s stopped now. It’s definitely a dreary day though. This type of weather never helps lift my mood.

I have exchanged a few emails with an old high school friend most recently. We used to be very close and have drifted apart for multiple reasons. It’s sad to think how things change when you seem to have lost friends… but sometimes I think it’s for the best. I always seem to lose friends in some way, shape, or form. I’m not sure if it’s me or if it’s them or if it’s a bad combination of both. Sometimes I think it’s always my fault. I know that’s not true but it’s just kind of strange. I think I have really high expectations for friendships. Is that wrong?? I try to be a great friend to people and feel like I don’t always get that in return. Aghhhh sucks.

Anywayyyyyyyyyyyyyy on a lighter note, going out to lunch today with a couple people and going to cheer myself up with a drink or two or three or four! J/k…. One…ok, maybe two. LOL

Have a great Friday !!


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