Today was Friday and usually I thoroughly enjoy Fridays… even when I do work. Ann was gone today – she is in Vegas with Troy for a trip she’d won (that lucky B) and so it was just good ol’ Loupes and I. I don’t know how to express how upset she made me today. No… not upset… she pissed me off. Royally. I’m not going to go into detail about it but I wanted to cause her extreme pain…. so… yeah. I just do not understand it at all. I do not understand why she has to be such a B about the dumbest things. And now I’ve decided… through this all… no more Mrs. Nice Person. F that. F her. I’m done being nice to her. She doesn’t deserve it. Not in the least.

Tomorrow is Saturday and I’m excited for Danielle’s Halloween party!!!! Patrick tried his “costume” on tonight and it fit really well and it did look real. Very real! It’s going to be fun! FUN!!!! We are just hanging out tonight… relaxing and watching some TV. Has anyone seen “Survivorman”? It’s some sort of “survival” show with this loser that hosts it and every single episode, I swear, he talks about how he may have to pull out. Has anyone seen Man vs. Wild?? With Bear Grylls?? He is the bomb. He never talks about pulling out. He’s the real thing, I don’t care what anyone says. And yeah, he’s okay looking too. I think we’re getting a little tired now… and my eyes are getting a bit tired as well too…. so goodnight!!!


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