No place like home.

We made it home and it feels so damn good. I have decided that I am a home-body. I like to be at home, I enjoy the comforts of home, I like to be around the people I know… yeah, I’m lame. Whatever… that’s how I like it. Being at home is good!

The trip was good. It was fun but after like the 5th day, I was like ok… I’m ready to go home. I got some sort of skin reaction to the heat/sun and I couldn’t bask in the sunshine as much as I wanted to for the latter part of the trip. That sucked for sure. I also realized that I am in love with my computer too. I missed it so much…. so sad… so sad…

I am uploading pictures from our trip to our pictures page as I type… we actually didn’t take as many as I thought we would – or as many as I had planned on taking – but that’s okay.

Today I feel sort of strange… not sure why but I feel sort of like I’m in a boat. Which is strange because we were never on a boat during our trip… and I feel just sort of well.. out of it. Hmm….

Today is already Wednesday, which is good! That means only 2 days until the weekend and that is all I have to look forward to now. Patrick gets to leave again in a week and 2 days or so… for bow-hunting camp…. so that’s nice for him. I, on the other hand, am stuck back to work with only holidays off and 2 measly days left for sick or whatever else may come up between now and February. That seems like it’s so far off, but… it will be here before I know it… time is so … so…. scarce.. does that work??

I read “Tuesdays with Morrie” on the plane/beach. It’s by Mitch Albom, the same author that wrote my other fave book… “The 5 people you meet in heaven”. I admit, that book made me cry. It was about a man dying from ALS and how he realized that you have to learn to die before you can learn to live. It’s scary to think about, but it’s true…. he said every day that you wake up, you need to ask yourself… are you ready to die today?? That is a heavy question… and no, I’m not ready to die yet… but I need to work on that. I need to prioritize my life and not worry so much about the little things… isn’t that what we are all trying to do??


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