Well, tonight I am frustrated. Overly-frustrated at Expedia. I will say it until I turn blue… I will continue to say it until everyone I know and everyone they know knows… they suck… in a big, bad way and i would NEVER use them again. NEVER. I wouldn’t want anyone to go through what we’ve gone through with booking our honeymoon through them. BAD BAD BAD idea. Well, at least we know now… but we’d like to pass it on… and have anyone reading this pass it on. EXPEDIA IS A HORRIBLE COMPANY WITH HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE (I know, hard to find any good customer service at all these days, but this is even worse)…. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! So frustrating!!!!!

So I’m not tired… or at least I wasn’t when I first tried to lay down in bed. Patrick is exhausted so he went to bed right around 11. The poor dear also gets up earlier in the morning to take care of the “kids” and wake my bum-ass up too. What a sweetheart… wow, I am blessed and it feels soooo good. I got a really good one girls!!! He is proof… they exist!! Keep up hope! Keep up the search!!!

Anyway… there is so much to do around this house and I just feel like nothing ever gets done. I feel stuck in a rut…. how do I get out of that?? I think when we get back from Cancun and I have some time by myself while Patrick’s hunting will help. It seems like when he’s around I never get anything done b/c I only want to do fun things with him… like play Singstar (which is a SWEET game btw… if you don’t have it … get it… if you don’t have PS2… get it… FOR this game!) or whatever… it’s weird. But yeah, this house needs a major cleaning… a deep cleaning, it’s just that we’ve been running for so long now and we’ve just done enough to keep things bearable… so sad. We got so many awesome wedding presents and I have nowhere to put them. That is even MORE sad. Oh well…. once we return in October from Cancun… it’s going to be on… I’m going to put Operation Getyourassingear into effect.

So I don’t know if anyone watches The Hills anymore… but I do. It’s definitely on my DVR. And I do so love my DVR btw. But yeah, I do watch it… because I love LC and I love the drama. Anyway… I just watched this week’s episode and I can’t believe Heidi… she’s so stupid. But that’s not going to be news for anyone that’s watched the show. I love what Elodie said to her. Awesome. Awesome. And the previews for next week’s episode. O. M. G. !!! Can’t wait! Did I mention… I love my DVR???

So Patrick’s office has their own version of “The Biggest Loser” and he did it last year and almost won and now I guess this year he opted not to. I asked why and he didn’t really have an answer, so I suggested we do our own, between the two of us. I surely could stand to lose a LOT of pounds… and Patrick could maybe spare a few too… but we haven’t figured out wagers yet.
And really the wagers are just a fun little “motivator”… and I need something to get my ass in gear… I just don’t know what. Maybe I just have to accept the way I am now… but that’s hard for me. At one point I was so much smaller than I am now … and I don’t like how I feel… so that means that I need to do something to get myself to feel better… right??? I don’t know… this whole weight thing pisses me off. Blah!!!! Anyway… I am going to start doing what I did before the wedding… shakes for lunch at least 3/5 days a week!!! That should help… and then I need to get working out again… I did get those Tae bo DVDs… barely used them yet. They’re calling my name… !!

It’s just hard. It’s hard to prioritize what you want to do when you get home… since you only have like 5 hours of awake time to accomplish things … and of course I don’t want to usually spend that time doing not-so-fun activities… but I realize later that I need to clean, I need to do laundry … or I’m going to lose my mind. It’s so sad.. and I also realize I need to let go of things. That is sooooooooooooo hard for me to do. Yes, I am a total pack rat. Total. But whatev… it’s who I am. But I do need to get rid of some things because this house is not that big and I have a lot of crap. And just that… crap. And we have too many clothes. AHHHHHHHHHHHH

Okay, well, now that I’ve completely blabbed too long… I am going to attempt to get to sleep again. Goodnight… er, goodmorning!


One thought on “Frustrations.

  1. yes you are a pack rat! IE magazines really do you need to keep a magazine that is 6 mos old? I say who ever wins has the other person serve them breakfast in bed for a month on the weekends….or……..had to do all housework for a month…….etc etcwhat did expedia do? i get nervous with online things i think i am old fashioned and like travel agents then it is their ass…..

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